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Zombie Baseball


Zombie Baseball
Zombie Baseball

Hitting zombies and launching their heads into the air like a baseball game has just never been so satisfying. Zombie Baseball which is created by Armor Games.  You can play it here as well. They created a simple, yet completely addictive game.

The premise of the game, being similar to most zombie apocalypse stories we all love – scientists have created a virus that was designed to decrease the worlds population but the virus has mutated and only 1% of humans have survived, leaving the rest to be the mindless, flesh eating creatures we’ve all come to know. In the middle of nowhere, John & Sam are armed with a baseball bat and some balls. These two characters are the only hope of survival, and all they have to do is aim for the zombies heads!

Game play is reduced to a minimum, only needing your ‘A’ and ‘S’ keys to operate to control the timing of the swing, using the hit angle guide to attempt to get a clean head shot, while an attractive blonde drops the ball from above. The zombies can be killed by multiple body shots however double bonus points are rewarded if you manage to separate the head and the distance the head flies from the body is kept track of as a ‘high score’ that you can look to keep on improving. The longest distance, the number of heads you’ve hit off in a row and the total number of heads you’ve removed from the zombies is kept track of just below the main game screen. Each zombie has a ‘life’ bar that follows them as they trudge toward you that lets you know how much damage you’re doing with each hit and how more you need to inflict. You’re ultimate goal is simple – to live!

As you survive more days by killing the zombies before they reach you and devour your flesh, you’re rewarded with upgrades to strength, recovery and frequency of the ball drops. You also get to choose different bats as time goes on, for instance one that freezes the zombies for a limited time or my personal favorite being the one that’s on fire. You also get to kill different kinds of zombies, varying in size, speed and difficultly to kill. The more difficult the zombies become to get rid of, the more points you accumulate.

Due to the simple mechanics of the game, it is easy to relax and enjoy, although you may find yourself saying at times ‘just die!’. The graphics are also simple and the game play is repetitive, which could possibly be seen as a negative. Some players may find it too simplistic but I don’t think more complicated game play or story lines are needed here: both the game play and the story line are just enough to make you come back again and again trying to survive longer and beating your previous high scores. Zombie Baseball works well in all the ways a game should. It holds up as it’s own character, engages players while providing a satisfying bit of entertainment – and really that’s all we need.