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Play Vilesteel on FURG Games! Destroy your enemies using your powers with a bow, a sword or magic and become the greatest warrior. Explore ancient ruins, forests and caves in the search of the most powerful artifacts. Help the people of the region completing quests and defending them from the evil.
– [Left mouse click] on an enemy to attack.
– [Left mouse click] on the ground to move.
– [Shift + left click] to attack and stand still.
– Select the power you want to use with the mouse by clicking on its icon.

Default hotkeys:

– [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]: Select power;
– [Q]: Life potion;
– [W]: Mana potion;
– [E]: Switch weapon;
– [I]: Inventory;
– [J]: Journal;
– [M]: Open map;
– [SPACE]: Loot – take all,
– [ESC]: Menu / Close screen