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Tractor Mania 2


Tractor Mania 2
Tractor Mania 2

The long awaited sequel to Tractor Mania has arrived on host Silvergames! Developer Next Play does not disappoint with this fun little flash game that will be loved by the savvy all across the internet. The game controls are simple, using the arrow keys. Up arrow accelerates, down arrow brakes, while the left and right arrows lean respectively in that direction. The goal of the game’s twenty four levels is to drive the tractor successfully to the goal at the other end of the level. There are five tractors the player can choose from. There are two to begin with, but the other five must be unlocked through playing the game. Each tractor has different perks, but the last tractor’s stats are maxed.

Once within the level, the tractor will either be alone or have a trailer attached to it. It is possible for the trailer to lose its cargo, so be careful! The physics generator in Tractor Mania 2 is fantastic but realistic, so be sure to go easy on the hills. The tractor has a health bar. Flipping over or getting hit by something such as a windmill within the level will cause the health bar to decrease. Once it hits zero, the tractor explodes. Scattered throughout the levels are stars. The player collects these stars to boost the score. The score accumulates across the levels and is shown on the level select page.

Perhaps the most challenging feature in Tractor Mania 2 is the physics versus the game level’s goal. The physics are realistic and must be adhered to in order to pass the level. The health bar is very fragile. If the trailer, either carried in front of the tractor or behind it, happens to touch the tractor, the tractor loses health. In order for the player to get to the end of the level successfully, a balance of speed and caution must be used. The physics engine is highly developed and must be considered heavily when running the tractor. Going too fast with any of the tractors is dangerous.

In order to help counter the physics of the game, the player must carefully consider which tractor will be used. Each tractor has a different amount of health, and either better or worse tires and speed. The chosen tractor can be the difference between passing a level with flying colors or blowing up.

Next Play has been kind enough to link the player to another host website where the game has cheats. On this website, all the levels and all the tractors are unlocked. It does not however prevent the player from dying within the levels.

When the level begins, there is a points timer. The faster a level is completed, the greater the points bonus is. Points are accumulated and shown on the level select screen. Points are also given by collecting the stars within the levels. Next Level has given Tractor Mania 2 a high scores leader board. The levels include a restart button and an options button. The options menu allows the player to return to either level select or the main menu. Sound effects and music can be toggled on or off, and the quality of the game can be adjusted for players who lack an efficient gaming computer.

Tractor Mania 2 is an excellent game for internet flash lovers. Next Play has done a wonderful job in delivering a sequel that outdoes its predecessor. Flash game lovers will be satisfied with this short little game. It provides quick entertainment. Next Play should be proud of their game, and perhaps this is the gateway to even greater things for them!