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The Impossible Game


The Impossible Game
The Impossible Game

Created by FlukeDude for the Xbox Live Indie Games in 2009, the Impossible Game, as the name suggests, is probably the hardest video game ever developed. The creator is an indie games developer who simply enjoys making games across lots of platforms for people to play. This is a game that drives people nuts trying to win it, however intelligent one may be. The basic idea behind this game is that people love difficult games, and this particular game was made incredibly difficult so that the players just keep trying again and again and again.

FlukeDude actually thought of the name before starting to develop the platform for it, and conceived the idea of a game with very simple controls that was all about timing. He summed up the game in two words: frustratingly fun. The developer says he took about a month, in between breaks, to create this simple but hard, funny and insanely addictive game, from the initial idea to going live.

Facts about the Impossible Game

The game trailer, for anyone who has not had a chance to see it, the player in the Impossible Game is an orange block, and there are other spikes and blocks always coming towards the player. A player has to control the orange square with one button to jump over the spikes and jump onto blocks to avoid the pits underneath them. Other Spikes and blocks scroll across the screen and the aim is to get as far through the level as possible by just jumping. However every time one hits a spike or falls in a pit, the player re-spawns at the beginning. This is a well coded game, with fantastic graphics, artwork and background soundtracks like Broomines and Trevor Dericks music.

The game’s popularity has grown since it is considered to be the hardest game played on any platform; and fun lovers never grow tired trying it out. It is already considered as the best-selling Indie Game in the Xbox Live gaming platform. The growing popularity and desire in the gamers to experience this game in various platforms, the game can now be played on mobile platforms. This mobile version of the game has added new features and some of which are exclusive for this version of the game; and players should not expect anything less simply because the game has come to a smaller platform.

The game has been said to be almost a rhythm-action game because the background music creates more excitement and fantasy any gamer can expect from online games. The same level of difficulty in finishing the game has been maintained and players get even more addicted as they attempt to clear it. The social media integration has widened the reach since the game has been integrated with Facebook and Twitter; and players can now share with friends about their performance and experience. It is even more delighting that the mobile platform has a statistics page and a new level layout.

The Xbox and smaller mobile platform maintain the same addictiveness, only that the mobile platform may be low powered, but the many features that make it worth playing on your mobile and delighting as it can be played from anywhere.

How to play the Impossible Game

It may sound funny, but unlike most games, the Impossible Game was initially developed with one level and new players had no luxury of practicing with the beginner level and had to struggle through the single level to finish the game. However, the game now has a practice mode and normal mode with three new levels and instructions on how to play it. Each level has a different soundtrack and the difficulty increases as a player advances to the next level of the game.

The game may look harder than it actually is. It all requires one to jumping over, and this can be achieved with good practice and timing. The impossible game is played using the mouse and the player has to click the screen to jump over the obstacles as indicated below (remember the player here is the orange bar):

– Click Start on the screen.
– Click the screen or press the space bar to jump. Hold the mouse down or hold down the space bar to keep jumping.
– Jump over the spikes and jump on the blocks to get to the end of the level. The key here is dodging all the spikes by clicking the mouse or using the UP arrow to jump
– If a player crashes, the game goes back to the beginning.
– Click the flag button or press F to drop a flag and enter practice mode. If a player crashes, he or she will restart at the last flag (Remember in the flash version, one can only use up to ten flags). The flags were never planned to be in the game in the first place, but were included during its play testing stage so that gamers can get further through the game.
– Tap the back button or press O to delete the last flag placed.
– Tap the menu button or press P to pause. A player can exit practice mode by clicking pause on the menu.

It may not be easy to finish the game in one attempt, and some players even go up to over 15 attempts to complete. Regardless of how many attempts one has to go through, a player should not give up because one eventually will become really good at it with some practice. The Impossible Game is really fun and enjoyable to play and not as hard as some people may think. In fact, the creator himself admitted to completing it in one attempt but also failing to finish it a number of times.

Some gamers find this game impossible, very hard, funny and amazingly addictive; with some managing to get as high as over 900,000 points, others only 20 points or dying in the process of playing it. The Impossible Game can be purchased online or downloaded from the Xbox Live Indie Games platform from the Game Marketplace section or alternatively you can purchase it online.

Review 2

The best selling Xbox Live Indie Game. The Impossible Game is now available on your mobile device! This simple game takes difficulty to a whole new level. It seems simple, just make the little orange cube jump over the black spikes, but it is a very fast paced game that will keep you busy for hours. You play as a little orange cube racing along a black line. The problem is that there are tons of obstacles in your way. The black triangle-shaped spikes are easy enough, you can jump over them, but you will die if you hit them.

You can also die by falling into black holes in the floor. The controls are simple, just tap to jump. Longer taps equal longer jumps, but you will needmeticulous precision if you want to survive. If you want to enter practice mode, press the flag button to drop a flag. Most of the time you will only last for a few seconds, The Impossible Game is merciless. A counter at the top of your screen keeps count of how many times you die, and when you do, you are sent right back to the beginning to try again. It’s a constant cycle back to the beginning, and your counter will soon reach one hundred deaths. There is only one level, so good luck finishing. Once you get the hang of it, you will fly right through.

When you start the game it will look like nothing is happening. The orange cube looks like it’s just sitting on the line, even though it is really flying along it at a very fast pace. Then one black triangle will come from the right side and will move quickly toward you. To jump over it, tap the screen, click the mouse, or press the space bar. The next obstacle will be two triangles right next to each other. Click, tap, or press the space bar down longer to jump over the larger obstacle. Seems easy enough right? Next obstacle is a little black square.

Don’t try to jump over it like a triangle! The trick to these squares is that you have to jump on them. If you jump over, you won’t reach the other side of the black hole in the ground that is right behind the square. If you fall in the black hole you will die, and will have to go back to the beginning of the game. To get over the black hole you have to jump from the black square on one side of the hole to the other. After you get across the black hole there will be another set of two black triangles for you to jump over by pressing space or tapping the screen. The next two obstacles are black triangles, then it gets really difficult. There is a black square next to the edge of a black hole, but you can’t jump to the other side like before.

You have to jump up onto another square that is floating above the black hole. You then have to jump up again onto another black square that is also floating above the black hole. You have to do both of these jumps very quickly or else you will slide right into the black hole below. Next you have to jump down on to another floating box over the black hole, then onto the box on the other side of the hole. Then there are a few more triangles to jump over before another black hole.

First jump onto the square on the side of the black hole, then up onto the square floating above it. The next square is harder though. It has a triangle spike stacked on top of it. If you time your jumps right you should be able to jump over it, then across the other blocks to make it to the other side. The Impossible Game was originally created for the Xbox, but now is available on iPhone/iPod/, Android phones and tablets, PlayStation, Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire, and the Windows Phone 7. There is also a bonus Level Pack that you can buy, given that you’ve beaten the first level already. The Level Pack comes with a new unique soundtrack and three brand new levels. The Impossible Game is one of the most addicting new games out there ready to be conquered, so if you dare to try it, good luck