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Sift heads world act 6


Sift heads world act 6
Sift heads world act 6

In this much anticipated installment in the Sift Heads World, the action and drama continues full throttle. For those players new to the Shift Head World, the latest version is Sift Heads World Act 6. This relatively simply designed game is a one player game, but it can also be played with multiple players online. There are three main characters, and players quickly identify with these characters.
Sift Heads was created by Chris Martin, who has created several series throughout the years, all tying into the world of Sift Heads. In the early acts (Acts 1-5), we learn the history of each of the three characters which will ultimately lead our hero into Act 6.

Vinnie: The lead character, he was born in Italy to average parents, losing his father at a young age to gunfire from two rival Italian clans. With this tragedy, he and his mother moved to Chicago to start a new life. On the streets of Chicago, Vinnie learned how to con the con men and soon became a bounty hunter. With the fame associated with bounty hunting, Vinnie not only accumulated wealth and women but also enemies as well. He soon met his match with a beautiful woman named Shorty. Soon she was constantly by his side, both in the bedroom and out. With his many enemies, Vinnie soon became the target of a contract hit with a former Yakuza hired to carry it out. With their animosity lasting through several acts of the Renegade series, the World Act series begins with Vinnie offering the ex Yakuza a place on his team. Vinnie is the leader of a group of assassins and the best bounty hunter in the country. Proficient is all types of firearms, it is easy to understand why Vinnie is the main character in the game.

Shorty: While her early life is rather vague, she quickly makes a name for herself when she joins up with Vinnie. During this time, she is kidnapped and rescued by Vinnie. It will not be until Kiro joins Vinnie’s clan will the Sift Heads World Act series begin. Her contributions to the clan include being a weapons expert and a sharp shooter. Her looks allow her to be used as a diversion when the situation calls for it.

Kiro: A former member of the Japanese mafia, and one of the best assassins in the Orient, he is proficient with all Samurai weapons. His contract on Vinnie began with the killing of his younger brother by Vinnie, but the feud is put aside when he learns that his own clan (Yakuza) ordered the hit. From that point on he becomes a valuable member of Vinnie’s clan.

Sift Heads World Act 6, picks up after Vinnie and his clan lose their headquarters. While attempting to take revenge, the trio will discover that more than one rival clan may be responsible. Follow the clues and the action to discover which clans are behind this and the reasons why. Staying alive longer will be a challenge, but with the best assassins on your team you can not lose. Experience tactical shootouts, death matches and more in this latest installment. Enter the Sift Heads World and prepare for anything. Trust no one, and stay alive. That is the premise of the exciting Sift Heads World.