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Phoenotopia is a new adventure game you can play online at Furg Games. It looks like a bit like a Legend of Zelda. It has 4 chapters for now but the developer is working hard on sequel. First one is called Panselo & Duri Forest

The biggest problem is the slingshot damage. It should b eused more like a stunning tool. Than come the frogs. Their moves are predictable as they move at same distance every time. You can finish a frog in just one hit. The next hard part is crossing the temple ruins. The bridge should be extended by hitting the switch.Try to shoot it twice. First level boss – the Armored Toad Boss cannot be killed directly, First shoot the Fruit above him or find another way to reveal his soft back spot.

The very first problem i experienced in Phoenotopia was crawling through tiny spaces. You must visit the Panselo Dojo and purchase “Scroll of Rolling”. The other three chapters are “Atai and the Bandits Lai” and “Thomas’s Lab, Daea, Dungeons, and the Prince Tower” and “Beyond the Wall” The full Phoenotopia Guide could be found here.

Here is how the game begins:

Our history books tell of an ancient war that plunged the world into darkness.After years of strife, war on Earth finally ended when humanity created their greatest weapon. They called this weapon the Phoenix. Unfortunately, it was too late to save Earth… In a big for survival, mankid took shelter in underground bunkers designed to last indefinitely. They planned to sleep until the Earth recovered. Other humans thought the Earth would never recover. Boarding great starships, they set out to find a new home amongst the stars. Since that ancient war, centuries have passed.
Game controls: [ArrowKeys] – Move; [Z] – Jump; [X] – Interact/Attact; [C] – Use tool; [S] – Open Status Screen; [SPACE] – Open Game Options Menu (you can rebind keys here).