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Minecraft Tower Defense


Minecraft tower defense
Minecraft Tower Defense

Are you in the mood for a game that is both silly and strategic? Are you tired of browsing for free online games, trying to find one that doesn’t suck? If you have a penchant for arcade games, you might be interested to try out Minecraft Tower Defence.

The game begins with the world turned upside down. Mobs of unsightly paranormal creatures are on the loose and a mob of them is headed straight for the castle you just built for yourself! Not only that – they’ll be on the attack for the next one hundred (100) days! Will your home hold up to this onslaught? You decide!
After plowing your way back into your house, therefore creating a pathway for the mob to follow (!), you’ll need to build defenses to render that path a deadly one to walk upon in an effort to safeguard your home.

Much like anything in life (and in the best kinds of games), you’ll have to put in some effort and earn your way to victory on Minecraft Tower Defence. Aside from 64 diamond swords provided to you for defense, you’ll need to harvest the resources around you, which you’ll be able to collect from the remains of your enemies after you’ve defeated them, stock them up and then strategically spend them to create a patterning of defenses that is both strategic and effective. Resources include, but are not limited to: skeleton bones (from the corpses of your enemies!), ore, bricks, diamonds and sulfur. You can craft tools with these, and proceed to build turrets which can be upgraded later once you’ve obtained the necessary amount of resources to do so. The four types of turrets you’ll be able to build can launch one of the following missiles: fireballs, arrows, snowballs and eggs.

In attention to erecting turrets in Minecraft Tower Defence, which are great for long-range defense, you can also booby trap thepath to your home for the more tenacious creatures bent on destroying your home. You’ll be able the select your traps from the following: water trenches, cacti, TNT dynamite and lava trenches. Some of the traps will hurt your enemies; others will only serve to slow them down. Use them wisely!

You’ll need to get your defenses up and ready to pound away at the throng of creatures before they reach your home. There will be endermen, silverfish, spiders, eerie creepers, zombies, ghosts, slime, skeletons and many others. They’ll all have weaknesses and elements they are resistant to. Minecraft Tower Defense is designed to always keep you on your toes by challenging you to adapt your defenses as the game progresses to better eliminate the trespassers!

You’ll be able to play in three different environments on the Island, Dungeon and Nether maps, to spice things up and give you a change of scenery. In each world, you are granted seven hearts, representing your seven lives. Each time an enemy breaches your defenses and gains entry to your castle, you lose a heart. Although they can be replenished, you’ve got to be careful – 100 days is a long time! You won’t be able to afford losing many hearts in the beginning.