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Mighty Knight


Play Mighty Knight on FURG Games!

At first look you can choose between three different worlds. In first level you are the brave knight and of course you will fight with the bad guys. You’ve got to choose two types of controls. Control 1: Use the [Arrow Keys] to move (tap twice to roll). [Z] – to attack. [X, C] – skills (when available). [P] – pause. or Control 2: [AWSD] – move, [J] – attack, [K, L] – skills.
Your job is to simply eliminate all enemies and win the stage. Hit enemies simultaneously to get chains. Higher chains give more bonuses.
Tap move direction twice to roll. You can dodge enemies’ attacks by rolling. Use this move to escape from enemies in siege formation.
To understand what’s happens in the next levels play Knight Might now.
Good luck.