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Memorize This


Memorize This

To be honest I hate Mathematics. But science said our brain stays young as long as we train it with simple tasks.Test your math knowledge and memory skills in this fun brain game.There are several free games that are available all over the Internet and while some of these games can be challenging and might take up some extra time to complete others are extremely easy and quick to play. Like most websites that offer such games on the Internet AARP Games has added a free game that is easy and quick to play. A matching game much similar to that of the typical concentration card game Memorize This takes the basic skills of math and asks the player to match the equation to the solution in order to clear all cards.

Like many other games found on this website Memorize This is easy to play, simple to understand, and even user friendly all around. With its basic interface the Memorize this game is a simple concentration style matching game that is placed in a game box found at the center of the webpage.

With its blackboard background and an Einstein head shot stamped into the board the home screen of the game has several user settings that can be altered. This includes sound, screen size (fullscreen or regular), gameplay time, and the current level. Instructions are included on how to play.

Memorize This is a simple and fast game to play. The game takes the basic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and requires the player to match the equation with the solution by flipping cards and memorizing where each equation and solution is to get the right combination. While each of the five levels deals with a single skill the last level combines all the skills from the previous levels. Each level of Memorize This is required to be completed in four minutes or less and each level is also a bit more challenging then the previous level was.

As stated before Memorize This is played based on the rules of another card game known as concentration where players are required to memorize where a specific card is in order to match a pair. Although this is played digitally, Memorize This automatically places all cards face down. All that is required of the player is that each card is flipped over one at a time and matches are made according to what cards have been flipped. The objective to “winning” the game of Memorize This is to get all the cards flipped over and matched up before time ends.

In conclusion, the game known as Memorize This is a concentration based card game that takes the arithmetic skills of math and requires the player to match each given equation with a matching solution. While all five levels are more challenging then the last the player has four minutes to complete the entire game and if it is not completed in time the player must start over. The game is set on a user friendly interface that is easy to navigate and easy to play. Despite the fact that the game is a bit of a challenge it is fast paced and better yet the game is available for free.