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Meeblings 2


Meeblings 2
Meeblings 2

Meeblings 2 is a the much-anticipated sequel to the popular Meeblings game. Meeblings 2 is a cute and colorful physics-based puzzle game, with adorable characters that everyone will love! With 50 levels to play through, Meeblings 2 is a great way to exercise your mind and have fun doing it.

How to play:

The objective of Meeblings 2 is to rescue the Meeblings and bring them to safety. Each Meebling has a different ability. For example, the amusingly named orange “Feeblings” can’t do anything at all and require the assistance of their fellow Meeblings! Often calling them to safety is the yellow Hereling. Other Meeblings are capable of growing into a tree, reversing gravity or shape-shifting, among other things. There are nine Meeblings in total and each bring their own advantages to any level in the game.

By clicking on the cute little creatures, you activate their abilities. The Meeblings work together in each level in order to get to safety! Players will quickly pick up how they can use the Meeblings to win levels 1 to 50. As an example of how this game works, let’s take a look at how to get through Level Two:

In each level, players are shown the “way out”, a group of Meeblings, and at least one fellow Meebling who can be of assistance. Level 2 provides us with a large group of Feeblings atop a cliff with a blue Meebling to their left. The “way out” sign is at the bottom of the cliff, to the right. By clicking on the blue Meebling, the player discovers that it is a Thereling – a creature capable of pushing other Meeblings away. By repeatedly clicking, or clicking and holding on, the Thereling, the inactive Feeblings are pushed down the slope and into the exit sign, finishing the level!

Meeblings 2 has bright graphics, twee sound effects and a familiar premise. This is a game that is sure to appeal to children in need of distraction and adults in search of some entertainment.