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Mahjong Card Solitaire


Mahjong Card Solitaire

Both Mahjong and Solitaire are games that have large fan bases around the world. Many of them might be interested to know that these games have been combined into Mahjong Card Solitaire, which adds a new twist. Before you get started, you will want to know the basics behind the game play. This guide will help provide a walk through for the Mahjong Card Solitaire game.

When you first start the game, take some time to orient your attention to the layout. You will find that the cards are laid out similarly Mahjong game style. You can basically think of this as a game of Mahjong, but using solitaire deck cards and a few of its rules.

As usual, you will be looking to match various pairs of the cards together. Think of this just like you would when you match tiles in Mahjong. When you run out of cards, the game will be over. Your success in the game is largely determined by the number of points you rack up. You can get a perfect score if you are able to clear all the cards from the table by yourself.