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Hovercraft Game


Hovercraft Flash Game

How to Play

The object of the game is to reach the end without touching the edges. You are given 7 lives to complete the first 3 levels.

Keyboard FunctionsUp arrow: Allows a gamer to navigate up.Down arrow: Allows a gamer to navigate down.Right arrow: Allows a gamer to navigate to the right.Left arrow: Allows a gamer to navigate to the left.If you hold onto your keys, you will go faster. Though this allows you to navigate through the game faster, it will make it harder to keep control.

GlossaryWarper: When a gamer reaches the warper, it leads you to the next level.Edges: If a gamer touches the edges, you will have to start over the level.Stationary bouncer: Bouncer that does not move.Spring Bouncer: Bouncer that comes in and out of the wallMoving Bouncer: Bouncer that levitates


Hovercraft Game is a fun arcade game. The levels require extreme caution and speed control. There are several obstacles that a gamer needs to avoid in order to reach the warper (the warper is the target object that brings the gamer to the next level.) The controls are simple, the graphics are clear and easy to understand, and the background sound is compatible with the game. There are also instructions prior to each level which are helpful to a new gamer.

Hovercraft Game is currently under construction. For example, they are constructing a new password system. At the start of level 4, you are given a password. However; currently there is no option for utilizing the password. In the future, they may create more passwords and create options to utilize the passwords.Or for example, the game currently does not have an option to toggle off sound.Or for example, there are currently 4 levels in the game. A four level game would be general considered short game play. At the end of level four, a message states “Still in Progress. Replay?”

Once Hovercraft Game is completed, it could easily become a classic.