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Gun Mayhem 2


Gun Mayhem 2
Gun Mayhem 2

Gun Mayhem 2 is an easy to learn, addicting shooter game. There are several modes of game play including: Campaign, Custom, and Challenges. The goal of the  is to push your enemies off the platforms in the arena through the use guns and/or bombs.

Similar to console games like Super Smash Bros, this game is easily accessible and just as fun. To play this game in single player, the only buttons needed are “Z”, “X”, and the arrow keys. However, if there are multiple players more, keys will have to be used. The “Z” button shoots the gun the avatar has and the the “X” button causes the avatar to drop dynamite. The left and right arrow keys are used to run from side to side, while the top and bottom arrow keys allows the player’s avatar to move among the different levels of platforms.

The addition of power-ups also add to the games overall quality. With easy to learn controls and colorful graphics this game is super fun and even allows a multi-player setting.
While in campaign mode, the game starts out in tutorial immediately, which is straightforward and entertaining.

So once you learn the controls you are already playing and have mastered a level. Each additional level increases the difficulty , but not in an overly frustrating way that makes you want to quit the game. There are sixteen levels to be mastered and each level you can learn one to three stars depending on how well you played.

The custom game play option in the game allows players to choose from seven different game types. Adding even more aspects of the game to be played and mastered. This option is even more fun when you use the multi-player setting and play with friends. The different custom games poses different challenges and rules for the game. All the games are small variations of campaign, and offer different challenges to the player and/or players.

It also allows the player to set the number of lives allowed for certain game types. Players may also set where they would like to play by selecting a map. There are more than twenty maps players can choose from. Or they can select to use the random button which will choose a map for the player to play on at random. This aspect of Gun Mayhem 2 was most fun to play with the multi-player option.

The third option is challenges, this mode allows the player to practice different aspects of the game, such as moving around the arena to using the different gun choices to dropping bombs. This game mode allows less skilled players to practice more before conquering campaign or playing with friends. It also a less stressful and violent part of the game so younger players could enjoy this game too.

The final option players may choose to look at is the Gun Library where players can look and see all the available guns that can be used throughout the game. Players can select one gun at a time and see the guns stats. The stats of the guns include: Damage, Rate of Fire, Ammo Capacity, Weight, and Recoil.

Gun Mayhem 2 is a game that you can play for hours trying to master all the level and the different game types. The ability to customize the little blue avatar with different hats and clothes is also a major plus. The game’s easy and simple to learn controls paired with a challenge mode allows players of any skill level to play this game easily, while the game’s campaign and ranking system also interests more advanced players.

This game is also realistic, players must take in to account the type of gun they use; the better the gun, the better chance you have at winning. Also, the easy navigation throughout the game was a plus and the ability to adjust the controls, quality, music, and sounds was another reason why this game was extremely entertaining to play. The fast and chaotic pace of the game allows the play to become completely absorbed in the game. Anyone who likes arena-style shooter games will want to try Gun Mayhem 2 because of its overall quality in graphics, game play, and fun.

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