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Golf Solitaire – A free Card Game


Golf Solitaire - A free Card Game

Move all the cards from the table to your stack.
Click on a table card to move to your stack in any consecutive numerical order. ( A 6 or 4 can go on a 5) When no more cards ca be moved off the table click on the Deck to deal a new card to your stack. Undo button gives a -5 points penalty.

While playing free games online can be fun and relaxing they can also be great tools for keeping ones mind continually going in terms of staying alert and mentally active. Although there are free online gaming sites that provide such services one particular website is in association with the AARP insurance group, an insurance company for senior citizens. This website offers many strategic games as well as many different word games and card games. Like many of these games that are offered on this website as well as others the games provided on this website are fun and even addicting.

One of the many games that are offered on this AARP blog is a card game known as Golf Solitaire. When clicking into the game there are a few important things that will be seen. One of the first things that will be noticed is the medium sized green game box with game name in it. This box also contains different options that navigate the player to different destinations in the game site. These buttons include the play game button, the game rules (discussed later), game stats, and a link that will navigate the player to other free offer games.
When selecting the play button there will be two noticeable things.

One will be the cards that are all laid out on the table, and the second will be the deck at the bottom left hand side of the game. The objective of winning golf solitaire is simple; clear all card from the table by setting them in order within the deck. In order to do this scroll through the deck of cards by clicking on the deck. One click from the card deck is equivalent to one turned over card. The cards should be arranged from Ace to King to win.

As stated before the object of this golf solitaire card game is to clear the entire table of all cards by placing them in order in the deck from Ace to King. This can simply be done by doing the following. To begin press the play button found in the center of the game board after the website as loaded completely. If there are no cards that can be placed in order using the top card on the deck then click the deck until a card can be used. For example, a 9 or a J can be added to the deck.

In conclusion, the golf solitaire game that is offered free of charge on this AARP gaming site is not the only one that can be found. In order to win this game when playing all cards will need to be cleared from the table and place in ascending order from the Ace to the King. This is easy and quick to do and can even be addicting. The game will also keep a stats record of any game information while playing. The game is user friendly, easy to understand and play, and includes rules if they are needed. There are also various options that allow the player to play the game in fullscreen mode, add the game to a list of favorite games on the website, and even play with a darker background.