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Gems slot 3D


Gems slot 3D

Gems Slots 3D is like most addicting slots game we have all grown to enjoy. To begin the game, you are given 20.00 credits to start out with and you can wager from 0.25 credits to 100 credits if you use all 25 lines. Depending on how many credits you spend, the higher the rewards are given.

If you bet on only one line, the wagers go from 0.01 to 4.00 credits. On the top left hand side, there is the amount of credits you have. In the middle top, there is the multiplier for your winnings. On the upper right hand side, there are two sections. The top section is what you have won for the spin (starts at 0) and below that is how much you have won in total while playing.

On the slots there are 4 different colored gems: red, white, pink and blue. There is also the letters K, Q, J. If you connect a line of gems, the multiplier moves up. It starts off at 1x bonus and goes up from there. Also, if a line of gems is connected, the slots move over one to show another line that spins, giving you a chance for a bigger bonus. This will continue until you cannot connect the line across any further.