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Freeway Fury 2


Freeway Fury 2

Freeway Fury 2 is one of the newest action games that has sparked attention from many different people out there. It is an action style racing game which is played right through the browser. It was designed by Armor Games, which is a company that is well known for producing some high quality browser entries. Since it can be played for free online, users won’t need to worry about paying expensive costs. They can just focus on getting some exciting action out of this all new street race simulator.

First, many players will take note that they can actually switch up their car in this game. This is an impressive aspect for a browser based flash game, which are not usually known for being overly complex. Some people will generally be interested in the different types of cars that are available as well. Some of them are faithful adaptations of realistic models that people drive in real life. This enables the game to take on a surprisingly in-depth element of game play to it.

Users should quickly learn to use the control scheme, because their skills will immediately be put to the test when they start up the game. They can use the control pad to move their vehicle throughout the streets. They can even press a button at the right moment to engage a nitrous burst. This will give them a temporary increase in speed that can help them get to a link on the track in time.

The general goal of the game will be to test players and see how quickly they can complete different tracks. There will be a surprising number of obstacles in the way, so players should be prepared for these. They can improve their overall time by just reviewing a few basic tactics they can use on the track. With practice, they may be able to break their own personal record and gain access to extra levels.