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Flash element TD


Flash element TD
Flash element TD Game


Ultimate Tower Defense Game

Flash Element TD is a free online flash game motivated by Element TD for War-craft III in that it is a tower defense game whose aim is to kill the creeps, which come in form of sheep in the first level, before they get to the exit of the maze.


To do so, place your mouse to use the various weapon systems or Towers on the field to build attacking towers around the maze.


There is a three major categories of towers to choose from and these are: Basic Towers, Elemental Towers and a Combo Tower in that order of power level and superiority.


Each of these categories have different types of Towers and in the a beginner in Flash Element TD is allowed to use the First Category, that is the Basic towers.

The Basic Towers include The Arrow which is worth seven Gold which despite its low damage has very fast fire rate; The Cannon, worth nine gold, slow but with good damage ability and splash and finally The Air Tower, worth twelve gold and has good damage and rate and range.


This first group of Towers are the only ones available in the first level and can be upgraded but at a cost in that at the beginning of the Flash element Tower Defense game, one can see the amount of gold guaranteed, score, level, ability level and number of life kits. so a game is over when one has no more life kits left and more gold is earned according to how many killings one makes so your gold determines what you can buy or upgrade.


The fact that a player is guaranteed to better equipment in form of towers and their capabilities in other words damage rate and range, make one want to perform better and the game is thus more intriguing up the ladder.


The hire the levels one qualifies the better the chances of one to build or in other words afford better towers, gain higher scores, earn more gold, play more challenging levels and all these lead to more fun and is that not what games are meant for? Not to mention the thrilling sound effects which raise the players adrenaline making it more fun.


The Flash element Tower Defense is a game which gives one sufficient options and information required hence one knows the status and smallest of progress one makes. first one can always choose to either play a low quality game or a high quality Game. You can also reset a game if you do not fare well in its beginning.


The fact that one has to research on some element involved in the building of new towers makes the Tower Defense game even more adventurous because there are towers that one cannot build or earn without doing the research.


One can play it online by log in on to Free Web Arcade site which is like an online arcade which offers free mind blowing games including Flash Element TD.