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Fat Slice 2


Fat Slice 2
Fat Slice 2 Game

There are so many flash games floating around on the internet. Narrowing the genre of game down to merely puzzle games, and you’ll come up with a few less, but that does not mean that those puzzle games are any less challenging. The difficult part is finding a game that is fun, contains a certain amount of pleasurable play, and manages to kill a few minutes while it’s being beaten. Few games can say that they offer all of the above, and Fat Slice 2 just does that.

Fat Slice 2, hosted by Addicting Games and developed by ChewOnGlass, is a wonderfully well-put together game to kill some time and test your creative skills in the process. The game is played by dragging the cursor across the screen. Within the game, a section of playable area is cut away. At the top of the screen is a reverse progress bar. The player’s job is to cut as much playable area away as possible to reach the finish line with as few slices as possible.

But that’s not it! The game creator had to make some obstacles, right? On Level 2, floating balls are introduced. You cannot cut between the balls. You have to leave them in the playable area. There are also white walls on some of the edges of the playable areas. They are unable to be cut, and the player must work their way around them. In later levels, the white walls will flash on and off. In addition to the balls and walls, the developer’s greatest trick in his book might be the mere design of the level itself. The player has to come up with creative solutions to chop the area away without dinging a ball or a wall.

ChewOnGlass didn’t stop with the purpose of the game. The instructions to it are embedded within the playable area, and of course, they are humorous. What great flash game developer doesn’t have a sense of humor?

Any good internet gamer knows that there must be a balance between substance and interaction with a game and its developer. ChewOnGlass acknowledges his players in the best way with the instructions, providing a humorous yet efficient way to point the player in the right direction. There’s also a restart button, the R key, for those of us who get impatient and may or may not wind up messing the playing field up.

The game also features an in-game achievement screen, a must-have for serious gamers. The game makes numerous puns about the ‘slicing’ in referencing pie, and who doesn’t like pie!? There are twenty levels in all, with one hundred pieces of delicious pie to collect. But what am I telling you for, soon as you’re done reading this you’ll go play the game. Enough spoiling!

Fat Slice 2 is a wonderful sequel to its predecessor. ChewOnGlass only gets better with game production, and the gaming community looks forward to seeing what else the developer can produce! Thank you for reading, and enjoy your gaming!

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