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Death Worm


Death Worm Game
Death Worm Game

Death worm game is an action game and can be played here.

It is rated 8.48 out of ten and was posted in 2011. In this game you play as the worm and the goal is for you to eat everything and anything that you can. The buttons used are the arrow keys, space bar, and the N button.

You start the game underground in what seems to be Egypt there is nothing to do underground so you will need to make your way up to the surface. In order to get above ground where you will be able to eat you will need to use the arrow keys. Using them will let you angle your worm and accelerate so you can reach the surface. The objective of the game is to eat people and that you will do plenty of. You can eat animals, people, and eventually vehicles.

In order to progress to the next level of the game your death worm will need to eat a certain number of people, animals, or vehicles. The higher level you are on the more things you will have to eat until you gain another level. After each level you will have the opportunity to upgrade your death worm and make it even more deadly.

The things you can upgrade include: Fire ball damage, fire balls can be used by pressing the space button. The duration that you can use the worms nitro boost, nitro can be activated by using the N key; upgrading the size of your worm is also available making you huge and deadly, you can increase the speed of your worm this might not be a good idea until you get a grip on the weird movement sensitivity, and you can increase your skin strength which will make it harder for your worm to be killed. These upgrades can all go up to level six except your worms size, your worm size can go up yo seven meaning it will be bigger than it is strong.

Your score can be seen on the top left corner it will progress as you eat things, you will also be able to see the amount of fireballs, or nitro boosts that you have. You can gain more fireballs or nitro boosts from dead enemies. Sometimes after eating a person, animal or vehicle they can drop a fireball, or nitro. The max number of either of these you can have at one time is three.

This game might seem a bit repetitive to you after a while. You eat things, more and more as you gain levels, you upgrade and then with your upgraded worm you eat more until you either die or beat the final level this can take a long time or in about fifteen minutes depending on how well you handle your death worm. If you get turned away from repetitive games easily then this game might not be the one for you but if you don’t mind the repetition then you should definitely enjoy this game.