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Crazy Penguin Catapult
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Is there anything more thrilling than firing a penguin through the air? Crazy Penguin Catapult will give one the opportunity to explore every facet of the versatile penguin! Initially, one will find this game is easy to play, fun, and exciting! Whether you are catapulting, diving, sliding, or launching one will find that penguins, polar bears, and the Arctic world are all at their fingertips!

The graphics are rich and striking and automatically draw the gamer into the screen. Within moments one will feel as if they have their fur jacket on and are captured in the freezing weather of the Arctic. The vivid colors are attractive and make it easy to be entertained and follow the specifics of the game. Although the graphics are not complicated they are certainly clear and appropriate for the intent of Crazy Penguin Catapult.

The journey of the penguin is explored in every possible way throughout Crazy Penguin Catapult. In essence the gamer is the penguin! The penguin will encounter constant obstacles and detours that add enjoyment and challenge to the game. One of the initial challenges is properly firing the penguins to be utilized, but be careful an improper catapult will result in a completely smashed penguin! Or as the game so affecitonately puts it “oops!” In addition, to being catapulted correctly make sure one is cognizant of their surroundings! Polar bears are lurking everywhere!

Although they appear innocent enough they have no problem raising havoc! They are often found in a fighting stance, but if properly struck by a penguin beak they will go down instantaneously! A nice addition to Crazy Penguin Catapult is that the penguin has the opportunity to get “powered up!” This can happen in a variety of ways, from having a twin, to utilizing other superpowers! The journey of the penguin can be seen through a Candyland type board that tracks the progress and movement. The diversity of levels and obstacles certainly keeps the gamer entertained.

The background sound is actually quite appropriate for what Crazy Penguin Catapult is trying to accomplish. It is almost what you would expect when watching a penguin explore the unknown Arctic world. It is not overbearing by any means, but just enough to help enhance game satisfaction. Of course, if one is not satisfied with the sound it can easily be muted.
The game play could be considered beyond easy. There is not one complicated task that needs to be initiated by the hands. In fact, directing a penguin through mid-flight is actually quite enjoyable. It is amazing to see how easy the penguin could be directed to striking a polar bear with such ease and grace of using the mouse. Because everything is so easy to control it gives the opportunity for gamers to really concentrate on the finer elements of the game.

In closing, if one is looking to take a trip to the Arctic and enjoy the wildlife one should embrace Crazy Penguin Catapult. This game provides excitement, fun, and a challenge for all who choose to participate. This will certainly provide one with a memory they desire!