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Commando 3

Play Commando 3 on FURG Games! Introductions To The Game: Commando 3 is a game of strategy. Like in any other RTS (real-time strategy) game, you must lead your troops wheel to win the battle. You win the match when the opponent is at 0 HP. The way to hurt your opponent may differ between matches.

In Classic Mode, you hurt the enemy by having units on the fields when he doesn’t. Deathmatch is the same, except you also hurt him by destroying his units. In King Of The Hill, you hurt him by having control of the Hill in the middle of the map. In Capture The Flag, you hurt him by returning the flag to your side of the field. In Power Ball, you must hold onto the power Ball until he dies. The HUD: Below is a picture of the HUD, where all your battle information is.

Is you click on one of the building, you’ll be able to purchase the units they produce. However, they will be invisible if the thing they produce is not available to you in that particular battle. You can purchase upgrades in the Tech Tower. More On The HUD: That’s not all the HUD’s used for, though. It shows useful information about the battle. The top part of the HUD shows how much money, hoe much health, and how many units each team has. The bottom-right of the HUD is a minimap, you can scroll around the battlefield by clicking and dragging it, or by using the [WASD] keys or [Arrow Keys].

It shows enemies as red dots, your units as green dots, selected units as white dots, and frozen units as black dots (you can freeze a unit using the Troop Freeze command, but we’ll get to that later). The menu button above the mini map is used for changing graphics and sound settings, or surrendering the battle.

Note also that I wanted to put a pause button in there, too, but Commando 3’s too complex to have a pause feature. It just crashes the game. Selecting units: Now, the most importan aspect of controlling your army is giving your units orders. To choose which units you’re commanding, you need to select them. There are many ways to do this. The first method is to click and drag a selection box around them. See the aura bellow some of the units? When it’s red, it means the unit is already selected, when it’s blue, it means the unit is being selected, and when it’s not visible, it means the unit is not selected.

Another way to select a unit is to click on it. If you double-click on a unit, all the units of ot’s type will be selected. If you hold down shift whilst selecting units, it adds them to your selection. To deselect all units, hold down [CTRL] and click anywhere on the battlefield. The number keys can be used to assign units to groups. Hold down [Space] and press a numer to assign selected units to the group of thet numer, and press the number again at any time without holding space to select that group.

The numpad can be used to select all units of a certain type, if you can memorise the hotkeys: [0] – for Light Infantry, [1] – for Bazooka Troopers, [2] – for Laser Troopers, [3] – for Snipers, [4] – for Gattling Tanks, [5]- for Heavy Tanks, [6] – for Laser Tanks, [7] – for Ambulansec, [8] – for Comanches, and [9] – for Helices.Commanding units: After you’ve selected your units, you can order them to do something. Either click somewhere on the battlefield to make them walk there, or click on an enemy unit to make them attack it. Also, when a unit is selected, two buttons will appear in the HUD: Target Nearest Enemy, and Reform Line. The former tells all selected units to attack the nearest enemy to them, and the latter makes them line up together. Using Commands: Commands have returned! They work the same way they did in Commando 2 – one you’ve got one charger up, you click on it to use it. There are three commands available: Nuclear Missile, which destroys everything, Ion Beam, which fires a guided beam of destruction onto the field, and Troop Freeze, which freezes all enemy units within a defined area for a short period of time. You can see how much of the Command has been charged by checking it’s icon.