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Coinbox Hero


Coinbox Hero
Coinbox Hero

As a Coinbox Hero, you are thrust into a world where German sausages, highland outfits and polka music are the spice of life. Through polka, and your one distraction, a floating magical coin box that never budges and can provide a never-ending stream of coins.

As the hero, you control how much money will flow out of the box. At the beginning, all you can do is pound against it (using the directional UP arrow, or the W key on some systems), and then run around, using the <A> key to move left and the <D> key to move right, to collect all your money!

The objective of Coinbox Hero is to boost up your character’s power, core, strength and dexterity (all of which can be bought at the store using the coins you’ve banged out of the stoic levitation box that has yet to move a millimeter.

In these shops, you can hire assistants and assign them tasks. They can collect your coins for you as you pound that box! Alternately, they can assist you in jumping and coinbox smashing. Later on, you’ll be able to equip yourself and your assistants with powerful weapons that’ll incite torrential waterfalls of cash out of the coinbox without ever blowing it to smithereens.

As you make money, your options will grow exponentially. By leveling and powering up, you’ll be entitled to cash bonuses and will generally have a much easier time accumulating dough. You will also be able to buy fun new abilities, such as cross-bow and sword training. What kind of damage can you do on a coinbox with those? Or with a pipe wrench? The growing stream of money will answer your query 🙂

If that’s not enough for you, wait until you accumulate enough wealth to be in a position to purchase the uzi, the tactical nuke, the machine gun and the mysterious ultra hammer. It’ll be a money-making jamboree!

Coinbox Hero is a game where you can literally make money fall out of the sky by blasting an impossible box with the deadliest weapons known to man. Join the fun and try it today!