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Candy Crush


Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga, the newest and most talked about game that is around today, has taken the internet by storm. Originating from Furg.net, Candy Crush takes basic elements of Bejeweled and adds a sweet twist that makes for an addicting game that is hard to step away from Facebook saw the praise this game was starting to receive and added it to their arsenal of online play.

When playing the game on Furg, you are given a timer, and are able to advance levels by building your points up and filling up a candy cane with stripes. When your time is up, you are able to see how you compared to the other competitors in the game that you have chosen. While playing Candy Crush on Facebook, you are 5 lives to start. You begin with easy levels, where the basic idea is to get a set number of points in order to advance to the next level. As you begin to advance, each level gets harder with different goals, such as bringing items down tot he bottom of the board or removing all of the jelly that is on the board. You can play until you run out of lives, at which point you are able to ask your friends on Facebook to give you extra lives to continue to play.

The basic idea is simple, like bejeweled, the player simply has to match three or more candies by switching colors to match. The twist is that by matching four or five, you are able to create a color combination that will add special abilities for that candy, such as a striped candy that, if matched with that color, takes out a line, or a bomb candy that will explode and take out the candies that are around it If you get two special abilities side my side you are able to create yet another color combination that will take more candies off of the board and award more points, and that is what makes this game stand out, among the others that have come before it.

Candy Crush Saga is now being seen in advertisements, talked about among friends, and being praised by many people who enjoy this type of game play. It provides players with a challenge that does not seem to over complicate the game in any way. Many people, most of whom have never played the game, do not understand what all the fuss is about. The truth is, Candy Crush is unique in a way that it takes all of the elements that we have seen before time and time again in puzzle games such as Tetris and Bejeweled and adds bright colors, cool bonuses and advanced levels that will make any casual gamer an addict and any hardcore gamer a fan. While the earlier levels may be easy to get through, later levels provide players with the opportunity to take on a more strategic way of playing in order to advance.

Candy Crush also has a system in place that will provide players with hints if they have not made a move in a certain amount of time Candies that are able to be matched will pulse, showing the player the next possible move, allowing for seamless advancement. While playing on Facebook, Candy Crush Saga is free to play.

Sound too good to be true? Well it isn’t, at least not exactly. What Facebook did was seized an opportunity as soon as they saw it Boosters such as a color combination or adding an additional 5 moves to your current level are available to buy by purchasing gold bars, which range anywhere from $1 to $22. While this may seem a little high for some casual players, there are many out there that will gladly pay that price to continue playing or finally beat the level that they have been working on. Candy Crush on Facebook also offers players a daily spin that award boosters such as color combinations waiting for you on the board or special moves like a free switch or the ability to take one move off the board. The spin also gives the opportunity to win a jackpot, which will give the player all of the items on the wheel.

As a Candy Crush Saga addict, I can say that I have never had to spend a dime on anything extra, not necessarily from skill alone, but because I have been able to get in my fill of the game before my lives have run out, and also due to having many friends that also play who are always sending extra lives out Have you been stuck on a level for days, pulling out your hair and grinding your teeth? With the popularity that Candy Crush has received that is not an issue. Many people are writing up guides for those harder to beat levels to help players see the easiest and most effective way to advance.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, can enjoy this game. From ten year old’s playing on the computer to 60 year old’s playing to pass the time Candy Crush Saga has taken over the workplace desktop and is on everyone’s smart phone, so it is hard to miss and even harder to not pick up and give it a try. While this is not one of those mindless games that are around simply as fillers, there area couple turn offs. One is that as you advance to higher levels, you tend to see the same goal over and over again, just on a different board.

Another is, let’s face it, those who do not play Candy Crush are bound to get tired of seeing requests for extra lives and boosters popping up in their news feed. That being said, the competition aspect of getting to a higher level than your friends were able to keep the game fun and entertaining. If you are one of those people that swore they would never play Candy Crush, I say at least give it a shot, come to the dark side and see what  the fuss is about, you will not be disappointed!