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Cactus McCoy 3


Cactus McCoy 3

Cactus McCoy 3 is one true adventure. When you start the game you will see  a short slideshow presentation on the history, story-line and goals of the game. You are about to embark on an enemy-blasting, treasure-chasing, western-themed adventure. I don’t know about you but this sounds quite thrilling to me.

The main obstacle of Cactus McCoy 3 is to kill your enemies and obtain the treasures throughout the game. Immediately upon entrance into the game you are faced with numerous obstacles; tumbleweeds, large wooden daggers and various enemies present themselves to you. Throughout the early stages of Cactus McCoy 3, you are given various directions on how to play Cactus McCoy 3, including numerous attack combinations and directions on how to move, jump, lift and drop.

Cactus McCoy diligently makes his way through the olden-day western geography while fighting enemies, collecting bonuses and bulging through stoppages.

Below you will find some of the basic moves needed for playing Cactus McCoy 3:

– To move horizontally: Use the left and right arrows
– To jump: Press A.
– To jump onto an obstacle: Press A while using the left and right arrows as needed.
– To attack enemies with Cactus’ hands: Press S.
– To climb ropes: Press the left and right arrows when you encounter ropes.
– To open a treasure: Stand over the treasure and press the down arrow.
– To grab ropes and ladders: Stand directly under the rope and/or ladder and press A.
– To pick up a weapon: Stand directly over the weapon and press the down arrow to pick it up.
– To shoot a weapon at an enemy: Hold the left/right/up arrows as appropriate and press S simultaneously.
– To pick up a crate: Stand directly over the crate and press the down arrow.
– To drop a weapon and/or object: Press D.

There are several types of weapons used in this game; there are melee weapons which are great for close-up physical use (i.e., shovels and 2×4’s). However, there are weapons that do degrade with use; for example, if you are using a gun you need to keep track of the amount of ammo you have left at the meter at the bottom of the screen.

Numerous times during the game there are points in which the enemy will attack you himself; however, there are various times in which you are faced with a large amount of enemies, rendering yourself far more at risk than with the individual enemy. When you are faced with the enemies, continue hitting them and be sure to collect all of their coins when they drop! The higher amount of coins you get, the higher your combo score gets; great combination! Aside from your enemies, be sure to explore the entire stage as there may be hidden items beneficial to Cactus McCoy.

Throughout the game there are various achievements you are able to obtain, be it combos, treasures, new weapons and higher levels; be sure you variate your weapons and attack schemes so you are able to make the best out of your large, cactus-turning friend!

Cactus McCoy 3 is an adventurous game with a great story-line; who doesn’t want to win treasure and kick some butt?!