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Bubble Tanks 2


Bubble Tanks 2
Bubble Tanks 2

Bubble Tanks 2 is an endless quadrant of bubbles you can jump in and out of, each filled with globule-shaped enemies that bounce off the interior edges of their respective bubbles. This is a great game to play in waiting rooms, while standing in a line that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and on long train rides, car rides or flights.

You can move from bubble to bubble by crossing their exterior membranes and the synaptic spaces between the bubbles (just like molecules and cells!)

To move your personal bubble through the larger bubbles around you, the following four keys will serve as your directional tools:

W – move in the upwards direction
S – move in the downwards direction
A – move to the left
D – move to the light

You can play around with combinations of the directional commands to achieve curvier and more fluid motion for your bubble.

At any time, you can press the ”P” key to pause the game and access the main menu. If you don’t like the default keyboard command configuration, the menu is the place where you’ll be able to change it to your liking!

The point of Bubble Tanks 2 is to protect your personal bubble from the floating cell like formations that float in the larger bubbles that populate the world around you.

To shoot and destroy your cellular neighbors, you simply have to move your cursor around the screen (with the help of your mouse), aim said cursor and fire at the pesky creature by clicking on the left mouse button.

With some of the globular enemies you’ll find yourself targeting, their remains can serve a useful purpose! Some leave shells behind, that you can accumulate and increase your personal bubble’s defenses. This added armor will in no way affect your ability to shoot and destroy your targets. In fact, it will open the door for you to receive better weapons, gain you access to different tank environments and better prepare you for the bigger, meaner bad cells in your future.

So whenever you find yourself with a little free time in your day, remember Bubble Tanks 2, and let it fill your leisure time with molecular adventure!