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Bowman 2


Bowman 2
Bowman 2

Bowman 2 is a multiplayer shooting game in which you can play with your friend or play against the computer. You can adjust your power and angle and shoot your enemies using your bow. The success of bowman 1 is the reason why Bowman 2 is developed. The Bowman 2 uses basic physics and still simple. The game has a practice mode feature where in you can spend several hours of playing versus a friend or a computer. Bowman 2 is tagged as a shooting game, multiplayer game, and a strategy flash game. More and more people are being addicted to this game because of its stunning features and graphics.

Bowman 2 Features:

Great Sounds

Great Graphics

1. VS mode that you can play against your friend or against the computer alone.
2. VS mode where-in you and your friend can play against the computer.
2 Modes Game Play

The classic Bowman 2 archery game will practice your archery skills and try to kill your friend in a match. By playing the game you and your friend can develop your archery skills without being noticed. This game is great for kids too children will love the graphics and sounds of the game. The size of Bowman 2 is only 1.1MB it can be installed to any android mobile phones and to any computer instantly. Installation process of the game can only take 30 seconds. Another great thing about the game is that it’s for free you can download the game anytime you want and anywhere you are as long as you have internet connection.

The characters of Bowman 2 use crossbow and bows to deliver enormous damage to their enemies. The main skill of the Bowman 2 is the Dexterity which allows him to shoot accurately. The Bowman characters gain skill and when he defeated an enemy with higher level than him. The skill that the bowman character earn while winning will allow him to knock out fury enemies.

The Bowman 2 can give you enormous benefits, one of the great benefits that you can get s that your kids will stay indoors and you don’t have to look after them every time. Because the Bowman 2 is simple and easy your kids can easily learn how to play the game and you will not spend more time to teach them how to play. Basically Bowman 2 is a time killer, the single player mode have a time limit that you have to kill your opponent before your time run out. When did not kill the enemy on the given time you will lose the game.

Bowman 2 is developed by BoxiSoft, a company responsible for different free online games available in the internet today. The application permission information of Bowman 2 is the following;

  • Access information about networks.
  • Open Network Sockets
  • Read only access to phone state.
  • Achieve low level access to power management.
  • When the operating system has finished booting you will get notification.
  • Access information on Wi-Fi networks
  • WakeLocks Power Management System to prevent screen from dreaming or keep the processor from sleeping.
  • The application permission of Bowman 2 requires access to certain system of your computer or device. If the application permission is not granted by your device you cannot access the Bowman 2. When you install the
  • Bowman 2 in your computer you will be notified of the permissions required to run the application to your device. These permissions may include money, hardware controls, development tools, your location, network communication, messages, personal info, phone calls, system tools and storage.

The Bowman 2 can also be considered as an arc elevation guessing game. When you play against your friend you have to elevate the level of the crossbow and the bow in order to reach the right shooting angle. If your guess of elevation angle is not right the bow will not hit your target. You have to use the right degree of angle to aim and shoot. If you get the right degree of angle you will probably hit your enemy. This multiplayer game has no windage, just linear and distance elevation.

The original release date of Bowman 2 is last on January 29, 2013. It was released when it previous version, the bowman 1 became very popular. More and people has been addicted to the game because it is fun to play. It is a perfect thing to do when you want to spend more time with your kids. There are no exact explanations why kids and adults love to play the game. Maybe the best thing about bowman 1 and Bowman 2 is the stick figure characters. The characters can shoot arrows and hit targets efficiently if your archery skills are good.