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Bloons Player Pack 3


Bloons Player Pack 3

Here’s another Kaiparasoft title, “Bloons Pack 3”.

It’s currently housed on NinjaKiwi a mega online gaming website. You might know them through the app store on iPhone, iPod and iPad. The game itself is pretty ingenious, its also packed with a whopping 50 levels right off the bat. The name of the game is to pop balloons and you are this baboon looking creation that throws darts. Your mouse controls the aim and strength at which you throw the darts.

It gets pretty challenging within the first few levels with balloons that bounce your darts back at you, explosive darts that clear a certain radius of balloons and even specialty balloons that when burst protrude as a light-saber! What hasn’t Star Wars influenced by the way?

It’s a very colourful game which is great because there are far too many lazy developers hitting up the ol’ black and white. It purposefully looks hand drawn which has a certain attraction to it. It is aesthetically pleasing which is a huge plus in the gaming world. The sound effects are crisp and hilarious making sure to keep your entertainment level high while playing. One of the gems inside this game, if not the best part of the game, is that it gives you the ability to create all your own levels.

For all of you would be game designers, or just for those creative types who pine to add a little bit of their zest to said gaming experience, watch out. You could be spending hours authoring your own content.

This could easily ruin your work life at the office so be sure to control that rampant addictive personality you have. Yes… I’m talking to you. As for your personal life, who cares. Spend it online at furg.net and be sure to get your fill of “Bloons Pack 3”. You wont regret it!

Happy gaming.