Zombie Baseball Tutorial

You must like fighting zombies and baseball and suck on both activities as you need tutorial about it. Just kidding!

zombie baseball

zombie baseball game

The Zombie Baseball is not so easy despite it looks simple and straightforward. You must stop the zombies with your best baseball hits, start training now.

Use the key “A” for primary bat and S for second try, Initially there is no bat equipped. Aim for the heads as you know from the movies their weak spot. There is double score reward for this shots.

Everything may look slow at first but when you’ve got several hungry zombies coming to you it is even too fast.

The lady on the second floor will throw ball for you. Can’t judge her because she is blonde and scared even more than you despite she is safe because the beast can’t reach her.

The poor girl love you and don’t want to see how they eat you alive and chop your head off for your brains. it is your fault you moved in this neighbourhood anyway. After all there was rumors about zombies attacks earlier this year but you ignore them all.

Now you fight for your life and love but their numbers are growing. Are you going to get them all?