Target Smashi!! Stadium with Lloyd

Intermediate Super Smash Flash 2 players may find stadium games not interesting but I am just a beginner and today was my first interaction with SSF2 stadium maps.

I played with Lloyd and found a bug in the game. I am not sure if it is just temporary but when you finish the game and crush all the targets your character just freeze.

Check the video for yourself and let me know if this happen to you as well. It is a bit annoying to finish your efforts like this.

Later on I may try the game map with another character to make sure it is common bug in Smash Flash.

Anyway you can consider this as training and this is not so important if it no happen in the multiplayer game sessions.

It is a pity I can’t reach the other stadiums and train different tactics. I will contact the game developers on Monday about that.

Until then there are many other options for me to prepare for serious opponents.