Severe Road

You must protect the train on all costs. You are on very cocky and brave mercenary who took a lot of money to stop the eventual attacks of robbers! Shoot everything that moves and do not fall from a moving train!

The Severe Road is kind of hard game. It looks like Mario games but the big difference is there is a lot of shooting involved and the gameplay is straightforward.

While I can say that the game is good enough there is room for improvements. They need to work on the weapons and the upgrades.

Your starting fire accuracy is terrible at the beginning. Literally all your skills suck big time. Your weapon attack power is weak. The numbers of ammo are very low and the time you spend reloading feel so long you start to think game creators just hate you.

Just look at this and keep in mind you need this skills above the 50 percent as soon as possible.

Play Severe Road

Severe Road Game

But it is not so easy as the upgrades will cost you many $$$. I suggest you to spend it on accuracy of fire and number of ammo first.

There are a few special skills available but they are pretty expensive as well. What they are:

  • Sniper Shot – You need this with so many moving targets.
  • Fast Reload – lifesaving hack.
  • Double Jump – you can jump higher.
  • Sturdy – your health points are significantly increased .
  • Runner – you become faster, which is important with so many enemies.

Overall one casual gamer will definitely have positive experience with Severe Road. Watch a video how our Furg Games editor is fighting with the bad guys.


Play Severe Road

Severe Road