Target Smashi!! Stadium with Lloyd

Intermediate Super Smash Flash 2 players may find stadium games not interesting but I am just a beginner and today was my first interaction with SSF2 stadium maps.

I played with Lloyd and found a bug in the game. I am not sure if it is just temporary but when you finish the game and crush all the targets your character just freeze.

Check the video for yourself and let me know if this happen to you as well. It is a bit annoying to finish your efforts like this.

Later on I may try the game map with another character to make sure it is common bug in Smash Flash.

Anyway you can consider this as training and this is not so important if it no happen in the multiplayer game sessions.

It is a pity I can’t reach the other stadiums and train different tactics. I will contact the game developers on Monday about that.

Until then there are many other options for me to prepare for serious opponents.

Zombie Baseball Tutorial

You must like fighting zombies and baseball and suck on both activities as you need tutorial about it. Just kidding!

zombie baseball

zombie baseball game

The Zombie Baseball is not so easy despite it looks simple and straightforward. You must stop the zombies with your best baseball hits, start training now.

Use the key “A” for primary bat and S for second try, Initially there is no bat equipped. Aim for the heads as you know from the movies their weak spot. There is double score reward for this shots.

Everything may look slow at first but when you’ve got several hungry zombies coming to you it is even too fast.

The lady on the second floor will throw ball for you. Can’t judge her because she is blonde and scared even more than you despite she is safe because the beast can’t reach her.

The poor girl love you and don’t want to see how they eat you alive and chop your head off for your brains. it is your fault you moved in this neighbourhood anyway. After all there was rumors about zombies attacks earlier this year but you ignore them all.

Now you fight for your life and love but their numbers are growing. Are you going to get them all?



Severe Road

You must protect the train on all costs. You are on very cocky and brave mercenary who took a lot of money to stop the eventual attacks of robbers! Shoot everything that moves and do not fall from a moving train!

The Severe Road is kind of hard game. It looks like Mario games but the big difference is there is a lot of shooting involved and the gameplay is straightforward.

While I can say that the game is good enough there is room for improvements. They need to work on the weapons and the upgrades.

Your starting fire accuracy is terrible at the beginning. Literally all your skills suck big time. Your weapon attack power is weak. The numbers of ammo are very low and the time you spend reloading feel so long you start to think game creators just hate you.

Just look at this and keep in mind you need this skills above the 50 percent as soon as possible.

Play Severe Road

Severe Road Game

But it is not so easy as the upgrades will cost you many $$$. I suggest you to spend it on accuracy of fire and number of ammo first.

There are a few special skills available but they are pretty expensive as well. What they are:

  • Sniper Shot – You need this with so many moving targets.
  • Fast Reload – lifesaving hack.
  • Double Jump – you can jump higher.
  • Sturdy – your health points are significantly increased .
  • Runner – you become faster, which is important with so many enemies.

Overall one casual gamer will definitely have positive experience with Severe Road. Watch a video how our Furg Games editor is fighting with the bad guys.


Play Severe Road

Severe Road


The New Impossible Game

We are huge fans of the impossible game but the game creator concentrated his efforts towards mobile platforms. It is just no fare to have so limited gameplay for desktop platforms.

Furg Games editors (hardcore game zombies) was very close to the decision to ditch the impossible game on PC when we stumbled upon a new comer in the category.

Real gamers stick to their computer right? This games is called Space is Key Xmas. It is in my opinion at least 5 times better than the impossible game.

Space is Key Xmas

Space is Key Xmas

Every level is different with many stunning obstacles. It is hard as hell. Your little square must get over so many totally different obstacles you even can’t imagine if you stick to the original game.

The first version of Space is a Key came out more than 2 years ago and we ignored it for so long. But now it is obvious that when it comes to squares and jumping this game is the best out there.

Armor Games know what they are doing here. I personally guarantee even the first 15 level may look hard but be prepared for even more serious business. Your Hero moves forward automatically and the [spacebar] is the only thing you will need but even this isn’t so easy as it sounds.

Are you ready to move forward and to beat all the difficulties in this fantastic game? I am still not! Just kidding, 147 hours of playing was enough to beat anything which appeared in front of me!

Stop GMO 2

Rabbit used to be cute and carrots didn’t have sharp teet right? Guess what GMO can do about that? It turns out a pink bad boy rabbit hero must save the  world from evil mutated carrots comming under the ground.

If this sounds good to your go and hit Stop GMO 2 Underground right now or read more about it first.

Stop GMO 2

Stop GMO 2

You start with a basic weapon, which is slow and do very little damage. There is first and second weapon but you don’t have many monitions at first not to mention the lack of funds. You just struggling to resist the waves of zombie carrots jumping around in rush to catch the next aid kit. Than ugly green fat guy come in and the game become really hard.

The hanging explosives are your only hope as the bad guys are biting you unmercifully.

Weapons should be upgraded as soon as possible. Go for automatic rifle because shotguns reload very slowly and the cheaper models are totally ineffective if you ask me. Thankfully the game developers gave us Upgrade Centre. There the player can get more ammo, gold, life, first aid bags and  bombs.

In-game achievements don’t give you much except to make you proud how many different kind of monsters yo was able to kill. There are 12 completely species. Just a hint, all of them used to vegetables before they start to treat them with GMO.

As I think about the game mine best strategy was to shoot all the time and jump. In the same time you drink healthy stuff and collect money. This is almost like the real life! The only difference is the food is chasing you because it is hungry and want to bite your bottoms.

To be honest I expected more people will play Stop GMO 2 as it is better from the first and the graphics are more than great. Probably they don’t have a enough sense of humour about the mutant vegetables?



Play Stop GMO 2

Play Stop GMO 2