The New Impossible Game

We are huge fans of the impossible game but the game creator concentrated his efforts towards mobile platforms. It is just no fare to have so limited gameplay for desktop platforms.

Furg Games editors (hardcore game zombies) was very close to the decision to ditch the impossible game on PC when we stumbled upon a new comer in the category.

Real gamers stick to their computer right? This games is called Space is Key Xmas. It is in my opinion at least 5 times better than the impossible game.

Space is Key Xmas

Space is Key Xmas

Every level is different with many stunning obstacles. It is hard as hell. Your little square must get over so many totally different obstacles you even can’t imagine if you stick to the original game.

The first version of Space is a Key came out more than 2 years ago and we ignored it for so long. But now it is obvious that when it comes to squares and jumping this game is the best out there.

Armor Games know what they are doing here. I personally guarantee even the first 15 level may look hard but be prepared for even more serious business. Your Hero moves forward automatically and the [spacebar] is the only thing you will need but even this isn’t so easy as it sounds.

Are you ready to move forward and to beat all the difficulties in this fantastic game? I am still not! Just kidding, 147 hours of playing was enough to beat anything which appeared in front of me!