How to Play Gun Mayhem 2

How to Play Gun Mayhem 2

This review will show you the features of “Gun Mayhem 2”. You will learn enough from this “how-to” review to begin playing and realize that it is a fun and immersive game. This review will cover the “Tutorial” and the Easy AI campaign stages of “Gun Mayhem 2”.

Play Gun Mayhem 2

Play Gun Mayhem 2


The creator(s) of the game were generous enough to create a tutorial which is the first campaign (and very helpful in the beginning) of 16.


When the “Tutorial” (marked by a star to its right) button is clicked, you will be taken to another screen for character creation. You build your character using six different attributes:

1) Hat – There are 47hats you can put on your player or you could go with the first option and leave your player hatless. An interesting assortment of caps, whigs, helmets, and even a halo that floats with an up-and-down movement over your player.

2) Face – There are 12 faces to choose from.

3) Shirt – There are 24 shirts (or tops). You’ll have a choice between suit tops, jerseys, caveman attire, and there’s even a full metal jacket.

4) Color – There are 20colors to choose from: Pink, violet, purple, peach, red, orange, brown, gold, yellow, marigold, grey, silver, teal, aqua, blue, green, blue green, camouflage and yellow green.

5) Gun – There are 7 handguns to choose from in the tutorial. These are:(a) cool pistol, (b) sand hawk, (c) glick, (d) angry cow, (e) fifty eight, (f) snake, (g) gold pistol. (Note: The gold pistol shouldn’t be used because it is unbalanced.)

6) Perk – You will have 6 perks that will make your abilities more useful. There are 12 perks or you can simply try to play without any of them. (This is not recommended because you will need them at some point.)
Of the 12 there are:

(a) NO WEIGHT in which the weight of the gun will not affect the speed of movement

(b) 3x JUMP meaning a triple jump feature allowing you to accomplish 3 vertical jumps in thin air

(c) MINIGUNcan be acquired 33% of time from crates

(d)NO RECOILwhich prevents your player from springing back once he’s fired a weapon

(e) BLAST SHIELDprevents your player (character) from being pushed back so far after being hit

(f) AMMOgives 33% more bullets for all guns

(g)EXTRA NADESgives you 2 more explosives for your mission

(h) Random Gunis pretty self explanatory when you move your cursor over this icon, it says “Random Gun at Spawn” which you receive a gun, but which one?

(i) DUCK BOMBSallow you to throw duck bombs at enemies

(j) Infinite Pistolhas a handgun with a sign of “infinity” in front of it and allows players to shoot perpetually without having to reload

(k) SHOTGUNgives a 100% chance of finding gangster shotgun in crates

(l) Skull crossbonesallow you to become a weapon or powerful explosive.

7) Name- You will want to name your character (or not). You can do this first or wait until you have completed your character’s physical attributes. If you decide not to name the character, the name will default to “Player 1”. (Note: A name is not needed to actually play. You can even delete the “Player 1” default and go without a name.)

Game play Tutorial

The tutorial will show what you need to do by printed messages in the beginning. Your player will drop from the top of the screen onto a platform. You’ll have two AI (artificial intelligence) enemies that come out of nowhere and two enemy targets.

Gun Mayhem Gameplay

Gun Mayhem Gameplay

There will also be some traditional bullseye-like targets that you need to get before you can advance any further. To complete the stages, the object is to knock your enemies off of the platforms until they disappear.

Be careful. Just because you have hit one of your enemies and knocked them off of the same platform — from which you are standing — doesn’t mean they are eliminated. They have to be knocked completely off of the screen to be eliminated. Once this is done, you will advance to what is called the “Easy AI” campaign.

Easy AI

Although using the words “Easy AI” to describe or name this stage, it may not be that easy on your first time out. You may have to play this stage a couple or few times before completing it.
This is the stage where your enemies can shrink and you as well. Your AI enemies will come out firing and you will have to employ your double jumps to stay on screen and alive. You will also acquire crates.

Your enemies can acquire power-ups as well which makes this stage a little harder than the name of it says. Remember; the object of each stage is to knock all of your enemies off of the screen. Albeit; to the bottom or the left or right sides of the screen. They (enemies) all have to disappear to complete any stage.

You will be able to acquire a shield which will have you very much in this stage and the advanced stages. Keep playing it and you will get the hang of it. This game is a lot of fun.