Gun Mayhem 2 Weapon Library

The Second part of the sequel has impressive 83 different weapons. Every piece has different specifications like Damage, Rate of Fire, Ammo Capacity, Weight. Here is the complete list of Gun of Mayhem 2 Weapon Library.

Gun Mayhem 2 SMGs

Gun Mayhem 2 SMGs

Gun Mayhem 2 SMGs

Grey SMG
Cheap SMG
Mini SMG
Chrome SMG
Fancy SMG
Bullpup SMG
Police SMG
Loser SMG
Light SMG
Antique SMG
Short SMG
Tactical SMG
Compact SMG
Mafia SMG
Slick SMG
Advanced SMG
Compact Assault Rifle
Micro SMG

Gun Mayhem 2 Snipers

Gun Mayhem 2 Snipers

Gun Mayhem 2 Snipers

Steady Sniper

Single Shot Sniper

Tactical Stealth Sniper

Light Sniper Cool Sniper

Military Sniper

Classic Sniper

Modern Sniper

Hi-Power Sniper

Bullpup Sniper

Tactical Sniper

Reliable Sniper

Assassin Sniper

Rapid Sniper

Stealth Sniper

Rugged Sniper

American Sniper

Lever Sniper

Gun Mayhem 2 Shotguns

Gun Mayhem 2 Shotguns

Gun Mayhem 2 Shotguns

Automatic Shotgun

High Capacity Shotgun

Standart Shotgun

Street Sweeper

4 Round Shotgun

Sawev Off Shotgun

Fat Shortty

Lever Shotgun

Gangster Shotgun

Tactical Shotgun

Chrome Shotgun

Full Auto Shotgun

Prototype Shotgun

Average Shotgun

Anti Aircraft Gun

Assault Shotgun

Hunting Shotgun

Futuristic Shotgun

Stubby Shotgun



Reliable Rifle

Antique Rifle

Bullpup Stealth

Rifle Precision Rifle

Old Assault Rifle

Classic Assult Rifle

Compact Rifle

Bullpup Assault Rifle

Short Assault Rifle

Classic Machine Gun

Covert Assault Rifle

Guerilla Assault Rifle

Assult Carbine

Long Range Rifle

Futuristic Assault Rifle

Hi-Power Rifle

Top-Load Machine Gun

Military Machine Gun

Bullpup Machine Gun

Other Weapons

Other Weapons



Cool Pistop

Sand Hawk


Angry Cow

Fifty Eight


Gold Pistol (unbalanced)

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