Gun Mayhem 2 Walkthrough Levels 1-4

Today FURG will share a video Walkthrough about  the first 4 levels of Gun Mayhem 2.

The game is pretty simple but highly addictive. We at FURG prefer this version against the first one.

Let’s start with the options:

Gun Mayhem 2 Options

Gun Mayhem 2 Options

One of the best features of Gun Mayhem 2 is built in multiplayer option for up to 4 players. It is not easy to gather 8 hands on a single keyboard but real gamers can do it. We hope your PC is not with single core processor. Try high graphics option it worth it if your computer configuration can handle it.

There is another cool feature in the game setup and this is the Modes. Every mode has different rules and objectives.

Here is the complete game modes list:

  • Last Man Standing – Free for all. Last player alive wins.
  • Last Team Standing – Same as the first one, except players may battle in teams.
  • SURVIVAL – 5 lives only. Death is inevitable. Survive the increasingly powerful robots for as long as possible.
  • 1 Hit 1 Kill – Death is very close all the time. Just one hit by the De-materializer. The slogan is kill or be killed.
  • Gun Game – Kill our opponents to level up your weapons. First player to get a kill with all weapons wins the game. Be careful not to run out of bullets.
  • Gun Game Reserved – Some concept as Gun Game, except you start with most powerful weapon and get weaker weapons as you level up. Perhaps more balanced than the original Gun Game.
  • Jetpacks Mode – Last Man Standing, with the addition of jetpacks for everyone. Jetpack fuel slowly recharges. Setting starting life number lower is recommended.

There are additional 3 options for every mode. Grates – You can choose if you want to have them or not. Pickups – again in or out of the game. Lives – Nothing crazy here or how you wish.

Gun Mayhem 2 Custom

After you are ready with everything else you must pick the map.

Gun Mayhem 2 Maps


There are new Maps:

  • Jungle
  • Ski Lift
  • Space Station
  • Avalon
  • Venice
  • Alien Planet
  • Sub Base
  • Highway Castle

And Classic Maps:

  • Safari Showdown
  • Grim City
  • Polar Pwn4ge
  • Midnight
  • Wood Hovering
  • Houses Desert
  • Destruction
  • Mushroom Mountain
  • Great Wall Brawl
  • Solar Shootout
  • Underwater Slaughter
  • Desert Duel
  • No Name

Here Is Our Video Walkthrough