Gun Mayhem 2 Training Walkthrough

Gun Mayhem 2 Training

This walkthrough of Gun Mayhem 2 is for starters so if you are experienced just skip it and go directly to Campaigns.

We’ve created a nice short video walkthrough to show you around.

It has 7 levels to go through :

  • Handgun Training -Destroy all targets as fast as possible using only the provided handgun. Crates and powerups are disabled. Top time is under 23 seconds.
  • SMG Training – The same options as first level but you are equipped with SMG. Top time is under 20 seconds.
  • Shotgun Training – The same number of targets and a shotgun. The best time is 22 seconds.
  • Assault Rifle Training – Finally a rifle in your hands. The best time to finish the map is just 21 seconds.
  • Sniper Training – This is the snipe level. Keep in mind your weapon is powerful and “kicks” a lot. You must finish the map in 20 seconds to get 3 stars.
  • Dynamite Toss – Dynamite level is a bit harsh. You should think about the wave the explosives makes when they detonate. You’ve got just 13 seconds to get top results. A bit harsh but possible after several attempts.
  • Create Collection – Collect all crates as fast as you can. There are no powerups or enemies.

All of them are relatively easy. Probably just Dynamite level is a bit harsh. You don’t need to stick on training maps for to long. Play each one just a few times and enter the real game.

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