Gun Mayhem 2 Is Addictive!

It  is addictive! This really is a fun game with cool music and characters. It reminds me of several games all in one cool shoot-out fest. If you love shooter games this is definitely the one to play. This game has good graphics and it tests your hand-eye coordination as well.

Choosing your character


In Gun Mayhem 2 you can choose any character you want including human and non-human characters. You can choose their colors which are pink, blue, red, etc. There are a variety of hats you can choose from and faces as well. You get to use your own character name and also be sure to choose a weapon because this is a shooter game and it is a fun one.

Start with the Tutorial


I know people don’t usually like starting at the tutorial but you will need to learn how to manage the arrow keys and jump with your right hand and then Z and X for your weapons. Z is for your gun and X is for your explosives and be sure to run when you let explosives down with the X key because it will blow you off the platform.

Go up the levels


You go against a character named Al and going up the levels to beat him is a bit tricky but be sure to learn to fall without falling off and double jump with the up arrow key. Stay on your guns and switch back and forth because Al comes at you from different directions. Hearts represent extra lives and boxes are tougher weapons that your character puts on as soon as you jump up to them. There are different scenes for each level of gameplay and they are colorful and fun such as the alien scene. Be sure to jump on the shield as much as you can so that you are shielded from hits.

Invisible Man


This one is bit tougher because you can’t see the ghost character as he is shooting at you. Be sure to lay down plenty of explosives and run from him because he will kill you off quick. Be sure to keep shooting an moving against his currents and he will show up a soon as you shoot.

Extra Players

You can play with two players on one keyboard and it is cool because the controls are spaced apart very well. There is actually enough room where two could actually get on a laptop and play together without bumping each other too much. You can play a custom game or play the campaign which I like to do on games but most people like to play one another on a two player which is very competitive and totally fun.

The Weapons

Gun Mayhem 2 SMGs

Gun Mayhem 2 SMGs

You can land on extra weapons and they are excellent such as the sniper rifle and sawed off shotgun be sure to allow for the kick back of the weapons you land on and keep running against the currents of the game. These weapons can really help you get to the next level quickly because they are high powered and take the lives of your opponents if you fire rapidly.

Custom Games

You can do all sorts of options and add up to four players. This is great for small kids because you can fit all four players on one keyboard and each player has their own set of keys to shoot and can pick their own set up as to how they look and what their names are.
The custom games are really cute too because they all have different ways to win. You will not get bored if you have your kids playing this game. I suggest a big computer with a regular keyboard so they can see the action up close and personal and not bump into each other as they play.Jetpacks and Gun game reversed is challenging because you have to use all the different weapons and be sure not to run out of bullets.

This is a terrific game that is very addictive and if you start playing it you won’t want to stop. As soon as I finish writing this article? I am going to go and finish the campaign. For the big kid or the little kid I recommend Gun Mayhem 2 with a five stars for fun.