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If you like games, FURG Games is one of the best game portals you can find out there. This is also your home if you are not only a game addict but also love developing them yourself. Among the thousands of our free online games is Gun Mayhem 2, a game where you should be ready to for one of the biggest battles of your lifetime as you set to defeat your opponent with a set of weapons.

Developed by Kevin GU for the young action gamers on as well as a number of other online gaming platforms, this is an action shooter platform battle game.

In this game, you are tasked with eliminating your enemy. You have to choose a character of your choice and set off to fight! The good thing is that as a new player you have to pass through the campaign or challenge mode as you practice. You can choose to practise and play with four of your friends on the same platform. You get to jump on platforms, select weapons and pick up bonuses to defeat your opponent. Each player or players must engage in death-matches with various AI opponents that enjoy different perks and gear.

Gun Mayhem 2 Options

Gun Mayhem 2 Options

The goal in this game is not to get shot off because you will lose. You have to collect the power-ups to give you a boost in the game and also make sure that you will outplay even the hardest artificial intelligence levels that the game has. The challenge is that your enemies become stronger and stronger; you cannot win it in just a single try. You have to get enough skills before trying out your luck and possibilities.

Facts and Features

This is a crazy shooting game where you have to catch the first of four gangsters when they stop to pick up a fallen object and earn you a bonus. However, you must take caution to keep yourself from falling down into the abyss.

Given that the modern kid prefers to sit in front of their computer screens and play action games rather than toy games, Gun Mayhem 2 is hugely popular among kids. Because up to four can play this game at ago, there is an option for you to either fight with your friends or the A1 in the battle field of arena.

As you progress through the game, you will encounter more difficult to beat opponents. Not to worry because you can read your enemy first and choose the appropriate perk to use before engaging them. This sequel is more difficult than its predecessor, Gun Mayhem, because it has more explosive action and has a bunch of custom game modes. Each mode is ridiculously challenging that one might easily think that the final test (last stage) is impossible to beat when it is not.

As one of the best online action games ever, this game features:

New weapons (over 60 firearms), new clothes and new game characters besides new war maps in this version

Gun Mayhem 2 Custom

Players have an option to customize their characters’ appearance according to their whims. With the custom game or challenges mode, you get to select the game mode of your choice, then clothe your man according to your taste, select a map and click the “START” button to play.

It is easy to load; has more explosive actions, the graphics and its 3D high action arena is just stunning.

Very intuitive controls and attractive graphics

16 progressive levels with each level having a different landscape and a unique experience.

The 1st campaign is for players to familiarize themselves with the controls and the Venice landscape

Overall, this is an entertaining game that can keep you occupied for hours.


You simply need to use the gear at your disposal to knock off your enemies, with unlimited ammo, lives (campaign mode only) and double jumps.

The game pits you against a variety of different AI through different levels. The plot and controls may appear simple, but the game does allow for a diversity of strategy depending on the weapons picked.

Use your controls to double jump and weaponry to knock your enemy off enough times to drive them out of life, while still keeping yourself on the platform.

Perhaps the biggest drawback to the game is the lack of response in your jumping, sometimes hitting the up key a single time will count as a double jump, which nearly always dooms you if you are trying to recover from being knocked back.

The player or players engage in death-matches with various AI opponents using different perks and gear. Progression means encountering much more difficult to beat opponents.

Here is some awesome player with Gun Mayhem 2 walkthrough up to game completion:

The game that pits up to 4 players engaged in different death matches. When a player knocks the other player off the platforms, a death is counted, which the gamer can do by simply shooting the opponent and pushing them back with each shot. As more and more shots hit the target, the more difficult it becomes for them to regain control, but the easiest way is to use dynamite, even though this will push every player away regardless of who threw it.

When starting the game, you can customize your character from scratch or alternatively use a premade character. Every character has one perk: from ability to triple jump, speed bonus, extra ammo, 2 extra lives, a random gun on each respawn, no gun recoil and so on. The gamer can choose to ignore the perks and go for the “no perks” option if they want to have a clean and fair game, but you must be reminded that the other player may not fight fair.

There is extra automated weaponry in the different randomly dropped from the sky, including smgs, assault rifles, shotguns, mini-guns, and sniper rifles. The guns have limited ammo, so need to be cautious when using them. There are random utility power-ups in the game, like getting a protective shield from blasts, speed boost, a jetpack, minimization and the ability to become invisible.

The campaign mode has 10 stages, two of which are boss stages. At each stage, the game meets a different kind enemy, all working towards making the campaign mode of somewhat challenging and addictive. The enemies here are range from the invisible man to simulated mirror images of enemies who can use jetpacks.
Gun Mayhem 2 Game Controls
The game has simple controls, which can be edited by clicking the “game option” button.

How to Play

To move use the arrow keys – jump or run

Z – to shoot your opponent

X – Dynamite i.e. throw a bomb

If you are two players:

1st Player:

Move: Use W, A, S, D keys
Fire: “Press G”
Bomb: “Use H”

2nd Player:

Move: press the “Arrow” keys
Fire: press”4″
Bomb: “5”, the numeric keypad
And if you want to hack:

Unlock all levels – [1]

Set Infinite lives – [2]

Infinite ammo – [3]

Teleport to mouse – [4]

And if you want to play as four players, you can enjoy game by clicking the “OPTIONS” button to proceed and set up the other players’ controls. After you specify the game controls, select “CUSTOM GAME” mode on main menu and select the war map and set the game characters then start to play.

Type your character’s name and adjust your style with “PROFILES” button in main menu before starting the game.

The most action packed online and offline multiple player game online is here! Developed from the demands of the original Gun mayhem enthusiasts, Gun Mayhem 2 is a game that requires skill and self-discipline to play. Overall Gun Mayhem 2 is an entertaining game that can keep you occupied for hours. There are many other multiplayer flash games, but none of them can match the thrill, fantasy, graphics and tempo in Gun Mayhem 2. The game literally makes killing fun and the features will simply make you an addict. Try it out today.

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