Earn to Die 2: Exodus

There are a lot of changes in Earn to Die 2: Exodus! For starters you can take different paths on the map. Honestly speaking most time one of the choices is not intentional as you just fall down and have no choice but to go through the second tunnel.

Almost immediately after you land you will learn another new game feature and this is that you car can be damaged!

I was looking at the Armor in the garage but I thought it was a joke. It protects your vehicle from damage. You can upgrade it 2 times in the game. Otherwise you will get engine broken quite often.

Another pleasant innovation in the game is the upgrade option for everything. It is better than the other versions as you can upgrade different important parts of your car more frequently.

Earn to die 2 Exodus

Earn to die 2 Exodus

Talking about upgrades, let me tell you what was my strategy to finish the map in just 53 days. I could do better but I was to busy looking for new things that made many mistakes.

  1. A little fuel with first few dollars.
  2. Upgrade your transmission at least to 1st stage
  3. Spend some money on your engine because it will help you to accelerate faster and improve fuel efficiency.
  4. Invest on wheels because you will get a better grip and will improve your ability to drive uphill. Upgrade them to stage 3 and save for your final engine upgrade.
  5. Get bigger trunk and buy more gasoline.
  6. At some  point you understand that you should invest in Armor because you are getting nowhere.
  7. Buy more fuel and upgrade your Boost and get extra speed on demand.
  8. Get a gun and shoot down zombies before they can hit your car.
  9. Upgrade your firearms and boost to the max and go

On the second map you get a police car!

The first thing I bought for it was a new engine and bigger tyres. Everything in the second level is ridiculously expensive.

For example your first fuel tank upgrade cost a whopping $500 and 2k+ for the next one, crazy stuff.

I won’t mention how much the other upgrades will cost you. Lets just say, more than arm and a leg.

This level has an amazing part where two tunnels are crossing. The best choice is to take the lower one because it will require less fuel.

In Earn to Dies Exodus your driving skills are extremely important. Even if you are fully equipped there are so many obstacles and… zombies, which are on your way.

A hint. When your back tyres live the age and you start flying, remove your foot from the gas pedal. That way you will lend in the best spot on the ground.

Whats new. Your money from previous levels are there.

Level 3 is super expensive. Only true millionaires could afford the price tags. Exactly at the middle of the track you need to increase your speed to the max and probably will need a nitro boost to reach the upper tunnel.

Keep you eyes on the road all the time because there are places on the maps where your truck can get stuck.

The boost is more powerful than before and you can use it as a jetpack.

Exodus is the best sequel of Earn to die until now and one of the best new additions is that you can take several different paths on each journey. The graphics are way better than before.

There is only one problem. I want longer version of  Earn to Die Exodus and I am sure the other fans are with me here.