Double the Fun and Double the Action – Gun Mayhem 2

Gun Mayhem 2

gun mayhem 2

Most people have not heard about this game at all. There are people who search for good and worthwhile entertainment online and this might just be one of the games that could help people feel better about their ways and means of entertainment. There is a game known as gun mayhem 2 which can be found online and considered to be a really good way of entertainment for people looking for an easy solution. This game is really easy to find by just putting the gun mayhem 2 in the search engine of any kind and it will find the closest link that will lead the user to the gun mayhem 2 playing possibility. There are some words to be said about the game once it has been tried out and here are the findings about the game as it is. There, of course, are the good sides and the bad sides to the game and since there are many opinions. It should not be forgotten that every person is definitely entitled to and opinion and every opinion should be taken into consideration. After it has been expressed and delivered to readers or listeners who might not even be interested in any kind of opinion, it gains a new life.


The game starts with an easy to understand tutorial. Going for a single player options allows the player to understand which key should be used for movement and which keys in gun mayhem 2 are used for shooting the targets. If there is only one player, the moving keys in the gun mayhem 2 are the arrows, shooting and dynamite dropping or tossing works with x and z keys accordingly. These are the simplest keys and they have been used in most simple side-scroller games. However, these keys are used in many other games as well, therefore, cannot be labeled as only easy and simple game movement keys. This game can be played by up to 4 players and each player has their own set of keys to walk, jump, go down, shoot and drop the dynamite. Although the storyline is not original and there are several similar games available online, this one surprises with a lovely drawn and amusing characters. The tutorial is simply explained to the first-time player and is easy to understand. Therefore there should not be any complaints about people who have opened the game, let it load and then stuck doing the tutorial stage of the game. Also, there are various possibilities how this game can be played from campaign to different versions of a custom game that can be created by players themselves.

Shoot them out:

The main trick in this game is to push all the different opponents of the stage or the board by shooting them. It sounds easy but it kind of tricky at the same time, considering the fact that the enemies actually shoot back and actually have been granted a level of intelligence not often seen in the enemies of different other games on the internet. This intelligence makes every level more and more challenging. The gun mayhem 2 is even more challenging than its counterpart, the first part was. The levels of gun mayhem 2 have become more interesting, it is harder to advance because the player also needs to use brain and put in some thinking to push the enemies off the board or the space where the fight is taking place.

Weapon change;

There is a possibility to change the gun the player is using by picking up the bonus boxes that fall out of the sky and try not to get pushed off the board by the enemies by jumping in the air and using the arrow keys to move back at the same time tossing a dynamite at the enemy trying to push them out, advancing the level and trying to actually finish the game.

There are new weapons added in gun mayhem 2 and the maps have been changed. The characters have been created to actually be very likable by the players. It is not a secret that people tend to like enemy characters if they are well drawn and these definitely are. There is also the possibility of customizing the character of the player and the options part of the game allows players to customize many other things. It means turning on and off the music and the sound effects, changing the graphics options for better performance. If the game is slow or even lagging, that is one of the options because the highest quality graphics usually need the most resources from the computer and this in an issue to be addressed.
Overall it can be said that this is a fun game to play with friend or alone. It allows the brain a little rest because all the player has to do is shoot the enemy and get it off the lines, clearing the board and clearing the level. When that is done, the next level comes along.

Full of action and excitement:

One thing that people should definitely understand about this game – it can get very competitive. It draws people in because of the action packed levels. The colors in gun mayhem 2 have been created to be really nice to the eyes and to actually make it easier for people to play the game without having too much trouble with their vision afterwards. It also means that there will be no exhaustion after the game is finished but there might be a feeling that people want to play more and have more fun. People might feel that perhaps they want to do it quicker or to achieve better results within the game. All these things happen because of the simplicity but attractiveness of this easy game which is called gun mayhem 2 and is available on the internet for free. Free entertainment is always an added bonus for people who are trying to simply take a break from work or any other thing they have been doing. Recommending this game to different kind of people who have some time to kill or who simply might be interested in some action packed side-scroller shooter game. Takes the gamers right back to the good old days of old and slow computers but really good quality games to play on those old and slow computers.

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