Dangerous Adventure


Five heroes and five dreams in one big adventure. Dangerous Adventure is adventure turn-based game. For starters you should contact the the wayfarer to take an adventure. To attack the enemy, click on adjacent stones of the same color. Because you clicked on yellow stones the yellow hero will attack the enemy.

Watch the numbers of actions remaining per round.In heavy battles you will need to defend well against enemy attacks. Click the shield four times.

One of the most important areas in the game is the inventory. There are all the potions you will need. On your top left corner there is the color cause half damage, while distant colors do not damage to the enemy.

Hover over color wheel to see much damage a hero of any color will inflict upon monsters of any other color.  After every successful battle you gain experience and gold.

There are 10 levels and every next one is more difficult with stronger opponents. After level three you are fighting against at least to monsters.


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