Anyone Can Play Mario Games

Anyone can play Mario games have been in the video game scene since time immemorial. Mario video games were very popular when the first game was launched and it retains that popularity because of the simplicity and ease of playing the game offers. Launched in 1981, Mario games overtook the hearts and minds of the video game lovers.

Mario Games

Mario Games

The game was loved not only by children but also even by adults. The game offered adventure, thrill and excitement at a very basic level and even in this technology driven age, you require a little bit of simplicity in life and everything you do to remain sane. Mario games changed the face of the home gaming console. The Mario games offered so much excitement and entertainment that kids and adults alike were glued to the games.

Nintendo sold a record-breaking number of gaming consoles after the Mario games were launched. When children were asked what they liked best about the Mario games, the response was unanimous- the adventure and the simplicity.

There are over hundreds of Mario game today and some of them have incorporated the latest graphics and special effects to keep the video game player tuned in. There are many popular Mario games and of them are Super Mario Brothers, Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Land. Each game is designed on a different and unique theme and you have the strong and ever agile Mario shooting the enemy, jumping over hurdles and becoming the enlarged Super Mario to become even more powerful.

The Mario games are also popular because they enforce the age-old moral of “good winning over evil”. Ultimately, we all want the good guy, the hero to win and accomplish his mission. Mario is the ultimate good guy who beats the odds, fights danger in it’s face to finally reach his goal or destination. The Super Mario 64 brought a great change to the Mario games.

This change was going three dimension. It was an amazing experience for the Mario game lovers to switch from a horizontal two-dimension scroll to a 360-degree action and adventure platform. Mario goes about collecting starts and defeating the browser’s army in the most fun and thrilling manner. Super Mario Land is a black and white game although the lack of color did nothing to diminish and Mario games trademark for fun and excitement. Here Mario has to be his most brave self to recue Princess Daisy. Mario Galaxy marks the return to Mario to the 3D platform. When the game was first launches, players could never imagine Mario in space but now even this has been made possible.