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13 More Days In Hell


13 more days in hell
13 More Days In Hell

If one is looking to demolish lost souls and to go on a personal rampage 13 More Days In Hell would be an ideal opportunity! At every turn expect to be greeted by the unknown. Initially, it will take time to understand who one might even trust. One will want to fire shots in every direction for personal protection, but realize a guardian is there to protect and guide as well.

The opportunity to destroy lost souls was actually refreshing in a sense. If the gamer does not act quickly enough they can be expect to be slashed with an ax. The blood is distinct on the edges of the screen and makes one feel as if they are actually being physically attacked. Part of the enjoyment of 13 More Days In Hell is that the unknown is an absolute staple of this game. It involves constant exploration with somewhat of an unguided and mysterious path.

The graphics have a realness to them that are inviting and intense for the gamer. It certainly has marks of a “Doom” type setting, but also portrays many of its own unique elements. Because of the intensity of 13 More Days In Hell it would only be appropriate to make sure that the graphics were real and focused on what the gamer would truly be feeling as they are led through the halls of darkness. The variety of characters, shapes, settings, and objects certainly create a more exciting game play setting. Although the graphics are not flawless, they have a perfect rugged edge that brings a perfect balance to 13 More Days in Hell.

The game is fairly easy to operate, especially with an extremely basic setup that is virtually self-explanatory. The directional arrows and mouse are used for movement. Traditionally in this type of game that has always seemed to be the easiest. Nothing about the game play itself seemed challenging or confusing. The simplification of use is what makes 13 More Days In Hell inviting.

The commands are as basic as ‘R’ to reload. When a gamer wants to concentrate on demolishing the opponents it is quite appealing knowing that there are no complicated commands to worry about. The guardian is a nice addition as well as it gives the gamer someone to confide in and help develop a relationship with throughout the game.
The music seems to be absolutely appropriate for the style of play. It has an extremely edgy and mysterious sound. It is almost as if a constant razor bla

de is orchestrated through the contents of the sound. When the volume is up it also seems to draw the gamer in even more as all of the sudden one is almost starting to feel pressure to make things happen! This is a game that should never be utilized without the volume as one would be drastically taking away from the experience.

In closing, 13 More Days In Hell has an awesome presence that would drive any gamer to desire more! The elements of the unknown combined with fantastic game play creates an awesome experience!