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Tu 95 Game


Tu 95 Game

The tu 95 game is a plane game in which you will be using the left, up and right arrow keys. The F,G, and H keys. Also the space bar. There are only six levels but that does not mean that they will not be challenging.

The game does not include what the keys do until you reach the first level. The up key is to increase speed, the left and right keys are to control how your plane turns, the G key is to control the landing gears, F controls the type of flaps you are using (take off, normal, landing), H is used to hail out in emergency situations, and space is used for special missions. Level one gives the objectives of take off, fly, and land in the next air port.

In order to control your plane well you will need to speed up until your plane is about five hundred feet in the air, then lift your gears with the G key and use the left arrow to get to about two thousand five hundred feet, when you have a good altitude change your flaps to normal if you start to stall change it to take off.

When landing lower altitude slowly and lower your gears while changing into landing flaps.

Level two also has three objectives. You need to take off, refuel a friendly plane, and land in the next air port. Level three has you take off, then fly to the next air port in bad weather. This will be harder then the first two missions combined. Level four has you take off, and dodge three missiles while flying to the next airport. Level five is take off, drop off some para troopers, and then again fly to the next air port. Level six, the hardest and last mission. You need to take off, drop a bomb in a certain location, and then once more fly to the next air port.

The tu 95 game is difficult and will take a lot of patience. It may take a few tries before you get used to handling the plane let alone completing your first mission. Six missions may not seem long and if you are very good at the game then six missions will be nothing. If you are an average gamer then you may be spending close to an hour beating this game.