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Stick Avalanche 2


Stick Avalanche 2
Play Stick Avalanche 2

How to Play:

When Stick Avalanche 2.0 begins, there will be a short introduction video. After the short video, a basic start up menu will appear. The menu has several buttons in the shape and color of black circles. The menu buttons are:

One player: An option to play alone.

Two players: An option to play with another gamer.

Instructions: An option that shows a gamer how to play Stick Avalanche 2.0

Credits: An option that shows the contributors of Stick Avalanche 2.0

Local and worldwide high scores: An option that shows the scores of previous players.

Toggle sound: An option that allows a gamer to turn off the sound.

In order to start the game, the gamer has to choose either “one player” or “two players”. The object of the game is to get as many points possible without getting killed. When the player is inside of the game, they have to try and collect different squares. Each square provides the player with a different ability:

Red Square: Nothing special. (though like the other squares, it gives you points)

Yellow Square: Makes gravity become reversed

Orange Square: Makes you invincible

Green Square: Makes the falling cones freeze

Purple Square: Makes you bring a player back (two player option)

Black Square: Makes you go faster

Blue Square: Protects you from cones

Cones/Triangles: If you get hit with one of these, the game is over.

Collect as many squares as you can. Each of the squares gives you additional points.


Stick Avalanche 2.0 is a classic game for flash. The simplicity of Stick Avalanche 2.0 provides a refreshing feeling.

The gamer does not save their progress. Therefore, once the player has died, they will need to start over from the beginning. This only makes the game addicting and keeps you hungry for more. It can give you thoughts like “How did I die after only two seconds?”, “But I was on a winning streak!” or “But I made it to the mud level last time!”

The game is filled with personality through the use of witty phrases and jokes. However; these witty phrases and jokes might not be viewed as not “child appropriate” to some parents. Throughout the game, we see that the age demographic is not for babies or toddlers but for mature kids, teens and adults.

Overall, this game is a fun, refreshing and addicting game. It is worth giving it a try.