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Stair Fall 3


Stair Fall 3
Stair Fall 3 Game

Stair fall 3

Addicting and simple stick figure game it is also a rag-doll style game this means that you control every limb of your character and when throwing your character and when they are in the air your character will go limp and flop around depending on what your character hits. most rag-doll games are ones that you cannot win or lose but play until you are bored. This game is on Muchgames and can be played here.

Your character is a blue stick figure that is going to be in a lot of pain thanks to you. In this rag-doll type game you click and hold onto the stick figure and hurl him towards the left of the screen and into the air. While your poor stick figure is in the air he will be above a stair case dreading what will happen next. As gravity does what it does and brings that poor guy down upon the stair case he will take damage the damage is shown on the left side of the screen. As you can imagine it will hurt, and that’s how you score the more damage means the more damage points, so hurt that stick figure!

Your score is based on damage. The harder your stick figure hits those stairs, the farther and harder he hits those stair the more damage he will take. The farther you throw him the more damage he will take, letting him fall from the top to bottom wont give you as many damage points as throwing him almost at the bottom.

That is how simple the game is. You trow your stick figure, get your score, reset, and do it again while trying to get a better score. This game can be a great way to pass time if you are waiting for something or are just bored. The way the game is made means there is on win and there is no lose. You repetitively injure a stick figure over and over again.

A game like this that offers endless addictiveness because there is no end to it, no win or lose. You might plan to play for ten minutes and end up playing for thirty five. You can get lost in a game like this even if it is this simple.

Stair fall 3 is a rag-doll game that might make you want to try other rag-doll games on Muchgames.com. This game has an average rating of 4.23 so you know that this is a good game because it is based out of 5. This game is sure to end up on your favorites list and if you don’t lose too much time on this game then you might want to try out stair fall 2 and/ or stair fall 1.

Give this game a comment, five star rating, and a favorite so you can play this game every time you are online, bored, or on the site. Add the stair fall trilogy to your game favorites for endless, mindless fun. If you enjoy hurting poor, innocent stick figures then these games are definitely for you.