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Ragdoll Avalanche 2


Ragdoll Avalanche 2This game is simple… bloody… fun. The mechanics of it are basic enough, your arrow keys are your life-force. You control a “rag doll” stick figure man and you have to avoid what look like ice-pick obstacles. You can move up, down, and side to side, and the faster you do these movements the more flamboyant your “rag doll” becomes.

The obstacles fall from all over the virtual sky and I must say that it can get to be quite a challenge. What keeps you coming back are the little snotty remarks the developers dropped into the game. Any time you lose you can be sure they’ll insult you in some humoristic and braggadocious way.

Perhaps the most satisfying trait of this game is what makes it so hard to get any good at. You can kill your “rag doll” minion in such a plethora of ways its hard to actually say focused enough to avoid anything. Taking off chunks of his arms and legs piece by piece are satisfying enough, but when you get an ice pick through the head you cant help but smile.

For the sake of classifications we’ll put this one under the “bored at work” category. Its guaranteed to waste away a couple of hours inside that human slave pit you call the office. Just make sure your co-workers don’t notice what you’re doing because they’re likely to start playing it as well, and… before you know it, no one is answering the phones at that call centre.

So if you’re looking for a great time waster head over to www.freewebarcade.com and hit up some “Rag Doll Avalanche 2”. Its published by “ragdollsoft” the same people that brought you “Rubber Ninjas” and “Super Stealball”. You can check out all of their games at www.ragdollsoft.com and download them to your computer!
Happy time wasting.