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Parking Lot 2


Parking Lot 2Parking Lot 2 Walkthrough

In this game, you’ll have to be steady with your arrow controls and use good judgment on making turns and how fast to turn corners, back up, parallel park, etc. All the great things of a good driving game. You could easily become addicted to the game as the levels will increase and the game even has a feature that allows you to create your own levels for even more original challenges.

As the name of the game goes, your player is in a large parking lot and your job is to park cars without crashing them. You have a time limit so you have to move quick. As the levels advance, you’ll be given new parking situations. Use the left, up, right, down arrow keys to control the car; the UP arrow will make the car accelerate (so be careful with this button); the DOWN arrow is for reversing; the LEFT and RIGHT arrows are for turning the car left and right.

There are other indicators in the game that let you know where to park you car. You’ll want to pay attention to these because you will have only have one designated parking place. The game gives you 3 lives (or cars) to go as far as you can go; but the key to playing the game successfully is knowing how to steer your car when your view isn’t so obvious. That only means, when your car is in a vertical position traveling southward, it won’t be as easy knowing which way you need to turn.

Keep in mind, some of these levels will be longer than others. It gets very interesting after the first 2 levels. The action picks up bringing in sharper curves and turns with oncoming cars. This is the trickiest part of the game because it can get confusing trying to remember which arrows to use at unusual angles.

Designing Custom Levels

As mentioned earlier, the game allows you to create your own levels of difficulty. This can be done with the
five user-interface drop-down menus. These menus include cars, shapes, trees, non-obstacles.

• Cars – There are 4 different cars that can be strategically placed to increase the level of difficulty for moving. (2) Red cars; 1 sports, 1 sedan, (1) gold SUV with black tint, (1) 2-tone gold and black

• Shapes – There are 7 different shapes that are used to build parking lot courses. Rearrange these as much as you can to create extremely difficult levels; or very simple.

• Objects – There are 6 different objects in the game; 2 are animated to give the game some graphic detail and character. There is (1) mini pool of sparkling water, (1) potted tree plant, (1) big giant empty bowl (that looks as if something is intended for it in the near future), (1) moving car that can be sent in the direction that the player assigns, (1) four directional physical object that is very indistinguishable (but could be used for decoration.

• Trees – There are 6 different sizes and shapes of trees. (1) enormous Evergreen bush, (1) patch of Sunflowers in spread grass, (1) beautifully green wide-span Palm trees, (1) enormous Autumn colored tree, (1) small light-green tree, (1) very unusual but nice light colored green tree.

• Non-Obstacles – There are 8 non-obstacles in the game; one of which will be your parking destination. You can place it anywhere to increase the challenge on levels. There are (2) LEFT turns; 1 straight, 1 curved. (2) RIGHT turns; 1 straight, 1 curved. (1) Restricted parking sign. (1) Reserved parking sign. (1) yellow line. (1) designated parking space.

With all of these features combined, you’ll be playing this game for hours once you get the hang of it.