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Park My Big Rig 2


Park My Big Rig 2 As you can tell from the title park my bug rig 2 is a game where you will need to park large vehicles. There are different vehicles you have to park, some are more easy to handle than others. Each level gets a little bit harder but luckily the controls are simple. You can wither use the arrow keys or WASD to move up and W move you forward, A and left turns you left, S and down makes you reverse, finally D and right makes you move to the right.

The instructions for the game are also simple. You will need to go to the parking spot within a certain amount of time, use the arrow keys (or WASD) to control the vehicle, you only have five lives, avoid collisions with other vehicles, collisions will take away lives, every five levels you complete you will gain an extra life. You cannot have more than five lives at a time.

Now onto the game play. Level one you must park next to an ambulance. There are no other vehicles to bother you, you should pull in. Level two you can either pull in or back in. There are no other vehicles in this level. On level three you must go around three quarters of a circle into the parking spot.

Level four will have you do the same thing as level one almost but with a much harder vehicle to control. This level can take some time. Level five is a little complicated, it requires tight turns with a fire truck. Level six finally brings you onto the road with other vehicles. You will need to stay in your lane and avoid on coming traffic.

After that you will just need to park. Level seven starts off with a monster truck in a parking lot. When you get to the second area a truck will be driving down the left lane. Level eight is easier than most other levels you have gone through so far the only catch it that it is at night. Level nine is also at night, and in a parking lot. When you do get to the parking space it is tight and hard to manage. Level ten is back in the day time but this time there is a lot of fog. This one is difficult because every where you go a truck comes out of the fog.

This game takes skill and does help if you know how to park a vehicle. A lot of the time you will have to back up and try to pull in then repeat this a dozen times. You may think that you are in a parking spot but the game will not always agree. The smaller vehicle levels are the easiest because they have the best handling and park a lot more easily than the bigger vehicles. Park my big rig 2 is definitely an addicting game.