Messi & CR7 Saw Game

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The evil Pigsaw has captured Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and is forcing them to play his evil game where they'll have to retrieve the World Cup of Brasil 2014, stolen by the evil puppet him self. Help them begore it's too late! You must use the mouse. Learn this 4 basic rules: 1.To walk: Just click ot any part of the floor (walkable, of corse). 2.To interack with persons/objects: Click on it and chooose and action: MOUTH (talk, taste, bite, etc), HAND ( grab, take, punch, ets.) or EYE (to have a description of the desired element.) 3.To trigger actions: Drag an objeck of your Inventory (located at the bottom of the screen) and drop it over ony other element that is on the strage (put) or in the inventory itself (combine). 4. End dialogs: To end a dialog just press the "ESC" key. To speed sentences up just click at any point of the screen.

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Point and Click

Rating: 4.0/5